Pregnancy Week 34

Thirty four Weeks Pregnant

During this week, you can feel more pelvic pressure and baby may have tiny nails have grown.



Your baby is now of the size of cantaloupe. He is of the length of 17.7inches and 4.73 lb. His bones are developing this week. He is turning his heads and moving the body from side to side.


Your baby is now preparing for his arrival in few weeks. This week protective caseosa (cheese like white waxy coating that keeps skin safe) starts thicken. After birth it will be washed off very shortly.

o   Nervous system:

With this week, your baby’s nervous system has developed. Brain power continues to increase.

o   Breathing fluid:

Still development is occurring in the respiratory system. Lungs continue to grow and mature during this week. Baby is practicing the breathing by inhaling the amniotic fluid.

o   Fingernails and toenails:

His nails started growing by this week. This growth happens really fast and baby can’t control them as a result scratch themselves.

o   Fetal sleep:

His sleep takes place in cycles with this week. Some of the time they are in deep sleep state and rest of the time in REM (rapid eye movement). There is other part of the time that is not fixed type of sleep.

Pregnancy Week 35

Thirty five Weeks Pregnant

During this time, you can experience some signs of labor near to this week. Baby has been developed all his hearing.


How big is your baby!

Your baby is now of the size of honeydew melon. He is of the length of 18.19inches and 5.25lbs.

He is now upside down in your uterus.

Your baby is 18.2 inches long this week and weighs 5.3 pounds. That’s about the size of a George Foreman Grill.


Now only five weeks are left. Baby is now doing some powerful moves. Here are some more information about growth.

o   Breech position:

Your baby is now in the downward position facing the cervix and vagina. Most of the baby’s adopted this position or rest remain in the position known as breech position in which feet are in place to come out first.

o   Listening:

Your baby’s hearing skills have been developed by this week. He can now hear your voice clearly and may be able to recognize partner’s too. Your baby is now can react to high pitched or loud noises.

o   Kidney and liver:

Kidney and liver are developing has now developed by this week. Liver is separating the waste from the body. Most of the functions have been developed by now.

o   Slower growth:

Many of the functions of the body are growing slowly and steady. Baby is developing gradually this week.

Pregnancy Week 33

Thirty three Weeks Pregnant

During this week, bones of the baby starts harden, and you can start forgetting the things from this week.



Your baby is now of the size of a pineapple. Baby is now of the length of 17.20in and weighs 4.23lb.

From this week, lanugo the fine hair that covered the body during his development is now starting to disappear.  


Now there is no more space for your baby in your womb. Baby becomes less active. You may notice that he can be affect by your daily activities.

Your baby is getting ready for their big first appearance, adding more fat layers, solidifying up bones and increasing their immune system.

Some details are given below:

o   Hard bones:

Your bones are becoming hard during this week. But the skull of the baby will be soft at the time of birth so that it can move the through the birth canal also know as vagina.

o   Baby fat:

At this time, baby starts getting all the fat on their arms and legs. It makes baby more adorable and it also helps the baby regulate their temperature in the early weeks of life.

o   Immune system:

Now your body is passing the antibodies to the baby making him ready to develop his immune system. This will help the baby to fight against the germs after reached the outside world.

Pregnancy Week 32

Thirty Two Weeks Pregnant

At this week of pregnancy, you might be experiencing the urge to nest, and baby is practicing breathing.

32 weeks pregnant is how many months?

If you are 32 weeks pregnant, you are 8th month pregnant. Hurrah! 1 month left to go. If you still have queries related to baby’s growth and symptoms related to pregnancy. Here some information you can go through this.



Your baby is the now about the size of Napa cabbage. He may get your food for taste as the taste buds developing while swallow amniotic fluid. Baby is now 16.7 inches and weighs around 3.75pounds. watch dogs legion crack


o   Swallowing and Sucking:

Your baby starts practicing sucking and swallowing in this week to ready their digestive system for eating milk.

o   Breathing:

Baby starts breathing at this week by inhaling the amniotic fluid.

o   Strong kicks:

Feeling some kicks from inside knocking down the door? You can count the kicks and can keep record how many minutes it takes your baby to get the 10 movements. You can consult the doctor if it is taking more than 2 hours.

o   Breech or head-down position:

Now here baby is set to position himself for birth. Most baby change position as head-down, facing the back during this week. It is called cephalic position and yes, it is ideal position for giving birth to the child. descargar idm con crack

If baby is still head up, do not worry there are few weeks for him to flip into place.

o   Fat absorbing:

Baby’s skin getting soft and smooth as she is acquiring the fat needed in the body. Rapidly losing the wrinkled and alien look and skeleton is hardening.

All babies increase accordingly their body and surrounding. As all are different and varying the situations in the womb.

Pregnancy Week 30

Thirty Weeks Pregnant

You are just one week away from your goal. Your baby is more similar to as he will look after birth.

How many months it will be if you are 30 weeks pregnant?

You are just step into the first week of your 8th month of your pregnancy. So you can say you are now 7 months pregnant, as you just completed it.

So if you have some queries about your pregnancy and baby growth. We have some information about it.



Your baby is now of the size of large cabbage. He has length of 15.7 inches and gain weight about 2.9 pounds at this week.


Weight gain:

Baby will have gain weight about half a pound a week for the next 10 weeks. And with this he is gaining weight for his chubby cheeks.

Kick counts:

As the baby is growing in these weeks very quickly, he may start to change his kicks and other movements. You are still counting your kicks? It can be good method to check that your baby is healthy or normal in your womb. If you observe his kicks regularly then you can notice a pattern for your baby.


During this week, the lungs of your baby is getting ready for the preparation of his first breath. 

Disappearing lanugo:

From now your baby’s brain and new fat cells are maintaining his body temperature. The lanugo which is soft, thin, unpigmented and downy hair also start disappearing by this week.

Red Blood Cells Formation:

From this week, bone marrow starts manufacturing red blood cells. Earlier tissue groups and then spleen took their charge of producing these cells. This is an important aspect of your baby’s body which will help him later or after the birth.

You can now take further information about some symptoms you may face this week.

Pregnancy Week 31

Thirty One Weeks Pregnant

You are now 31 weeks pregnant, you can experience more pains and discomforts as your baby is growing rapidly. Your centre of mass is changing its positions.



Your baby is now having length of 16.18inches and his weighs around 3.3 pounds during this week. He is now long as the size bunch of leeks. He will now gain weight as much as half a pound a week until he is born.


·       Weight:

At this point, you baby start gaining more weight than height as he is restricted due to limited space or too big to stretch out. Your baby settle into fetal position and he will continue with that position until birth.

·       Reproductive system:

During this period, there is boasting of some reproductive developments in baby’s body. If there is boy then his testicles are moving through groin on their way to scrotum. Or in case there is girl then her clitoris starts forming within her body.

·       Head rotating:

Your baby is now capable of moving his head around from side to side. By doing this he is strengthening their neck muscles.

·       Super senses:

Your baby is developing hurriedly and quickly. This growth includes neural connections that will make sure that all five senses are on their positions. He is now capable to see, feel, touch, taste and hear.

·       Eyesight:

Baby’s eyesight is still developing, although it is not very intense, yet after he is born. He will continue with his eyes closed for most part of the day. Whenever he will open be his eyes, he will be able to see the objects few centimeters from his face.  

·       Immune system:

During this period, your baby’s immune system has developed even more from the last week. This is preparing him to face the challenges of the outer world. But child’s immune system will still need to be boosted by your breast milk you provide in the initial days of his birth.


Pregnancy Week 29

Twenty Nine Weeks Pregnant

You now entered in the 8th month of your pregnancy. You are going more and  more closer to witness the moment of having your baby in front of your eyes.



At this week of your pregnancy, your baby is the as the size of butternut squash. Your baby is of the length 15.2 inches. His weight is around 2.5 pounds.


Fat layer:

The baby is developing now unique layer of fat called brown adipose tissue (BAT). This will be the key source of heat manufacturing after birth.

As the new born baby has restricted ability to shiver, sweat or move to maintain his body temperature. By this end week, BAT builds up to 2 to 7 % of your baby’s total body weight.

But premature babies come with the problem to keep their body warm after their birth, as they have shortage of BAT that time.

Baby’s kicks:

As at this stage, there will be more space for your baby. So you will have some kicks and punch from his elbows and knees particularly. These will be more regular and vigorous than before since the baby is stronger and active for responding to all type of stimuli. This can be movements, sounds, light and may be the food you just ate few hours ago.

So it may be the good time to count all the kicks during the days to make sure whether your baby is normal.


The reflexes of your baby are now started working likes coughing and sneezing. He is getting ready for the outside the womb.

More Hair:

The hair is developing more during this week. The growth of the hair on the head and eyelashes are getting intensifying.

Bones and muscles:

The bones and muscles of the baby are getting more firm and stronger than earlier as you proceed in the third trimester.

Pregnancy Week 28

Twenty Eight Weeks Pregnant

You are now more close to the period of becoming a mother of a cute or loveable baby. You can now start making bond with your baby by talking and singing soft songs. You will have some tests to monitor your health at this stage of your pregnancy.

How many months if you are 28 weeks pregnant?

If you are 28 weeks pregnant then you are in 7 month of your pregnancy. Only 2 months are left to go. But many women may have some queries regarding their baby, symptoms, and abdomen. So here we have much information about all of these.


How big my baby is!

Your baby is 14.8 inches in length and 2.2 pounds in weight at this week. Your baby is the about the size of the kabocha squash. Your baby is growing quickly and rapidly in this week.



Your baby’s eyes are now more developed than ever. He not only can blink his eyes but also can get pleasure of the fluttering the lashes thar have just grown. He is capable of seeing light moving in your womb.

Brain control:

Your baby start dreaming in this week as it is the time when the nerves of the brain are developing at very good speed. 

Ears ability:

Your baby’s ears are making good connections in his body. He starts understanding some of the sounds around him.

Head down position:

Baby start taking more and more space and he will soon begin settle his head with the down position for labor. Most of the babies are wholly head down between 32 and 36 weeks of your pregnancy.

But many of them take some time to get that position in your womb. In case if the baby cannot able to take that position this may lead to the C- section in your delivery time.

Pregnancy Week 27

Twenty Seven Weeks Pregnant

During this week, your baby is start developing his immune system with the natural antibodies which is getting to them through your placenta. Baby is getting skilled in swallow as well as in sucking which will help in drinking the milk after his birth.


How large is your baby at this week?

Your baby is 14.4 inches in length and his weight nearly 1.9 pounds at this week. This can be the size of the Barbie doll.


 Recognizes voices:

Your baby starts recognizing both your and your partner’s voice in this week. This hearing capability is improving as the nerves connected to the ears are maturing. But the sounds he will hear will be stifled which is due to coating of vernix.

So it the best time to listen or sing some soft songs to your baby.

Taste buds:

Your baby taste buds are beginning developing now. In case if you eat something whether it is sweet or spicy, your baby is now capable of taste the difference in the amniotic fluid or other food. 

Baby may respond to that spicy meal by kicking or hiccupping.


The opening and closing of the baby’s eyes are start come into practice. The iris which is the colored part of the eye is now start developing its pigment by this week.

Most of the babies born with the blue eyes as they are still forming melanin for the iris. Many times color of the eyes transform from blue to green, hazel or brown during the childhood. The more melanin your iris will have the darker your eye color.


Hiccupping will also start in this period. While doing this baby will not make any sound and you might feel them like sudden jumps or flinches in your abdomen

 Brain development:

Your little baby is now has a lively brain. The brain tissue is still developing but the brainstem is nearly mature completely at this week. This controls the heart rate, blood pressure and breathing.

Pregnancy Week 25

Twenty Five Weeks Pregnant

Here, you are in your last week of second trimester of your pregnancy.  Some sleepless nights are going to happen and other major changes will appear in this week. You can see more information about your body, baby and symptoms.


How big is baby at this week?

Your baby is 13.6 inches in length and has weight around1.5 pounds this week. This is going to be the size of TI-89 calculator..


Pink skin:

From now, the skin of the baby is getting pinker as the capillaries are forming under the skin and blood is get into it.

Blood vessels will also developing this week in your baby’s lungs and making him closer to that first intake of fresh air he is going to take after birth.

Sense of smell:

This week also is the beginning of your baby’s nose working and nostrils in proper manner. Through this, baby is going to start practicing breathing and breathe in amniotic fluid.

He will be able to smell the things by this week, but many of them may experience it in the third semester.

Sweating glands:

By this week, it may be possible that creases in the palms of the baby’s hand start appearing. With this, sweating glands will form in his skin very soon.

Unique fingerprints:

Now she is also getting his unique fingerprints during this week. Your baby is also improving the agility in his hands and fingers. This means that soon he will be able to grasp the thing in his fist.

He may also suck his thumb and play with his hands and feet. And he will make him good at this by practicing it, until he is out of your womb.

Baby fat:

During this week, your baby is getting chubbier and cuter by simply depositing fat in his body. This will help him in keeping warm after he born.