29 Weeks Pregnant

Twenty Nine Weeks Pregnant

You now entered in the 8th month of your pregnancy. You are going more and  more closer to witness the moment of having your baby in front of your eyes.



At this week of your pregnancy, your baby is the as the size of butternut squash. Your baby is of the length 15.2 inches. His weight is around 2.5 pounds.


Fat layer:

The baby is developing now unique layer of fat called brown adipose tissue (BAT). This will be the key source of heat manufacturing after birth.

As the new born baby has restricted ability to shiver, sweat or move to maintain his body temperature. By this end week, BAT builds up to 2 to 7 % of your baby’s total body weight.

But premature babies come with the problem to keep their body warm after their birth, as they have shortage of BAT that time.

Baby’s kicks:

As at this stage, there will be more space for your baby. So you will have some kicks and punch from his elbows and knees particularly. These will be more regular and vigorous than before since the baby is stronger and active for responding to all type of stimuli. This can be movements, sounds, light and may be the food you just ate few hours ago.

So it may be the good time to count all the kicks during the days to make sure whether your baby is normal.


The reflexes of your baby are now started working likes coughing and sneezing. He is getting ready for the outside the womb.

More Hair:

The hair is developing more during this week. The growth of the hair on the head and eyelashes are getting intensifying.

Bones and muscles:

The bones and muscles of the baby are getting more firm and stronger than earlier as you proceed in the third trimester.


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