6 Weeks Pregnant

At this week, Your are 6 weeks Pregnant. Your fetus is begin to look more like a baby. His or her head is taking shape. Where Chin, cheeks and jaws are beginning to get into form. 

You may feel more pregnant at this 6 week of pregnancy. It is due to symptoms like heartburn, nausea and urination at frequent times.

Baby at this Week


Your baby is about the size of a sweet pea. The baby’s length is about 0.13 inches and his weight is around 0.04 oz. Now the baby’s shape is more like a tadpole.


Your baby’s body is growing this week. By the end of this week, the baby’s size will have tripled in size.

6 weeks pregnant in months?

If you’re in 6 weeks of your pregnancy, you’re 2nd month pregnant. Only 7 months left there. Still have questions? When you go through this article, you will know about this week’s symptoms and baby growth.

Baby’s head

Your baby’s head is starting to grow, resulting from folds of the tissue in the bump. This head develops, which further results in the baby’s jaw, cheeks, and chin. This all sums up the beautiful and adorable face of the baby.


Your baby’s heart is thumping with a regular rhythm. From now until birth, a baby’s heart will beat around 150 times per minute, which is almost double the adult rate.

Your baby is still motionless such that it is hard to catch a heartbeat with a doctor’s stethoscope.

But, you can observe it when you have an ultrasound in the next few weeks. It will appear as a tiny dot pulsating in the middle of the body. 

Eyes, nose, mouth, and ears

Some spots are dark in appearance. At these spots, the baby’s eyes and nostrils are starting to take shape. Now there are depressions on the sides of the head that develop into ears.

In the tiny mouth of the baby, the small tongue and vocal cords are starting to develop by this week.

Arms and legs

Your baby’s arms and legs start to develop as small paddles of your baby’s body. The backbone expands into a small tail that will fade away in a few weeks.

6 Weeks Pregnant Mother

This week, you may have gained a few pounds. If you have morning sickness, there is a chance that your body may lose some weight (but it is normal during pregnancy).

There may be some changes in your body, such as clothes getting a little tighter around your waist, fuller legs, and breasts. With the pelvic test, your doctor will observe changes in the size of your uterus.

Frequent urination

There will be no change to the outer part of the body. But, inside of your body, there will be changes every time.

You will feel sick or bloated. Another challenge with this condition is frequent urination, which no woman wants in her life, especially when it disturbs her sleep overnight.

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) level:

The pregnancy hormone hCG is responsible for an increase in blood flow to your pelvic region.

This can be good for sexual pleasure, but not so good for the situation when you are in a two-to-three-hour engaging meeting.

Your kidneys are now becoming more capable and efficient at the elimination of body waste.

In addition to this fact, your developing uterus is made to push down on your bladder, leaving fewer storerooms for urine.

Tip: Always lean forward when you pee to make sure that your bladder is empty each time. When you think you have done it, pee again. This may help you go less to the bathroom.

Don’t attract to liquids. Your body needs a constant supply of fluids.

6 Weeks pregnant Discharge

You may observe the increase in white creamy discharge due to high level of estrogen. But there is nothing to worry about. This is normal change and can vary from transparent to milky , thin to thick or bad smell to odorless. 

To know about the discharge check out – Vaginal Discharge in Pregnancy

Heartburn and indigestion

Here is another challenge for you during your pregnancy, such as indigestion and heartburn.

The chances of getting rid of this situation are nearly impossible. Due to this condition, a band of muscle at the top of the stomach normally prevents digestive juices from relaxing.

Here’s the not-so-great news: the chances of getting through the next nine months heartburn-free are nearly zero. That’s because the band of muscle at the top of the stomach that usually prevents digestive juices from backing up relaxes.

Avoid wearing clothes that irritate your stomach and limit your intake of spicy and greasy foods. These can reduce your symptoms.

Measuring your embryo

During foetal and embryo development, practitioners determine your baby’s little crown to cute little rump.

It is hard for practitioners to measure the accurate length of your baby. As the baby grows, his legs or arms are bent.

6 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Many women at this point may not feel any symptoms yet. But, some other women may experience nausea from intolerance.

This is an early stage in your pregnancy, so either one or the other can happen.

Either you may be normal or you may feel some symptoms which are as follows:


You may feel more tired than usual as your body is still changing in all aspects.

It may be in terms of physical, mental, or hormonal levels. You may feel exhausted because your body is undergoing many changes. You should get extra rest if you’re feeling tired.


There may be morning sickness, which can happen at any time of the day. And women who are six weeks pregnant with twins might have even more severe nausea.

It’s a good idea to search for foods that help to cure your stomach issues.

Sore breasts:

Your boobs could be hurting. This is because of increased blood flow in your body. Even at just six weeks, your body starts preparing for breastfeeding your baby.

Frequent urination:

At this stage of pregnancy, you will find yourself peeing more than usual. It is only because of the pregnancy hormone (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or hCG), which is causing extra blood flow to the pelvic area.

But if you have painful urination or have the urge to go but are unable to, tell your doctor immediately.

These could be symptoms of a urinary tract infection (UTI), which you’re more likely to get after week 6 of pregnancy.

Cramping and spotting:

6 weeks pregnant symptoms discharge is most common in early pregnancy. In this time, cramping and spotting are both normal.

These symptoms can make you worry about problems like ectopic pregnancy in these weeks and other types of miscarriage.

If the bleeding is heavier than your periods, you should call your doctor immediately.

Gas and bloating:

The pregnancy hormone progesterone could be the reason behind these troubles.

You can overcome this issue by drinking a sufficient amount of water and eating fiber-rich foods to avoid constipation, which further aggravates the bloating problem.

Mood swings:

This time, you may experience some emotional changes or mood swings. These emotional extremes are because of hormones.

Fatigue and fluctuations in blood sugar can happen. So, take extra rest and regularly eat healthy meals and snacks to keep your mood at a good level.


I hope this article is helpful for you if you are 6 weeks pregnant woman. Read more information about the other weeks on this Pregnancyweekmonth blog.