Pregnancy Week By Week Guide for Pregnant Women

You are Pregnant. Congratulations! Possibly you would be looking for a pregnancy week by week  guide. Then, you are at right place.

Here we will help you with the information about each week and trimester, also updates on your baby’s growth and changes in your body.

Keep reading to know about your pregnancy week by week symptoms guide throughout pregnancy. This also includes how your baby is growing and your body is changing.

Also how to prepare for labor when you enter in the third trimester. You will get better clarity what’s occurring in your body inside out and why with this article guide.

Pregnancy week by week guide

First Trimester

After the process of fertilization and implantation, your baby is just an embryo. That time, there only two layers of cells from which organs and body parts begin to form.

In coming weeks, your baby will be the size of kidney bean and continually growing. In this trimester, intestines will begin to develop and heartbeat also starts beating.

Your baby’s eyelids, mouth, earlobes and nose also start getting in shape.

Here in this trimester, you will get to know about your pregnancy and start observing the pregnancy symptoms.

Second Trimester

In the start of second trimester, your baby will be 3.5 inches long and has weigh about the 5.5 ounces.

Unique fingerprints of your baby is now in place and heart pumps 25 quarts of blood in the body.

As the time passes, the skeleton of baby begin to harden from the rubbery cartilage to bone. Baby acquires the capacity for hearing.

In this week, you will begin to observe the kicks of the baby and flutters soon if you have not feel yet any.

Third Trimester

In the third trimester, Fetus grows almost and ready for looking the world outside. Some women find taking deep breaths difficult as fetus has occupied the space and crowds the abdominal cavity.

But this is not the case for all the women.