19 weeks pregnant

So what you are thinking, it will be boy or girl? Being 19 Weeks pregnant, you will undoubtedly excited for your pregnancy ultrasound. 

While most parents-to-be take this test as a time to determine the gender of their kid (if they have not previously done so during the first trimester via prenatal screening), you can definitely see even more than baby’s boy or girl bits.

You will see the entire baby’s body—inside and out—and be surprised at the amount of growth and maturation during week 19 of pregnancy. That is quite thrilling! (more…)

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18 weeks pregnant

Now you are 18 Weeks Pregnant, it is time to change various habits of you. You can now begin to sleep on your side(recommended left side) rather to sleep on the back. 

As baby is growing rapidly, this can result into large pressure on your back. That can make less amount of blood flow to your heart which makes you feel low or dip into your blood pressure.

This week, there is going to be big development in your baby’s body from hearing to the brain development. (more…)

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