18 weeks pregnant

Now you are 18 Weeks Pregnant, it is time to change various habits of you. You can now begin to sleep on your side(recommended left side) rather to sleep on the back. 

As baby is growing rapidly, this can result into large pressure on your back. That can make less amount of blood flow to your heart which makes you feel low or dip into your blood pressure.

This week, there is going to be big development in your baby’s body from hearing to the brain development.

Baby of 18 Weeks Pregnant Woman

How big is my baby at 18 this week?

Your baby is now as big as sweet potato. Your baby’s length is now about 5.59inches (14cm) and his weight is around 6.70 oz (0.14-0.18kg).

Development of the baby 


This week your baby is covering with protecting layer called as myelin, around his nerves. This layer is continuing forming until your baby’s first year.

  • If the baby is girl then, her fallopian tubes and uterus start forming.
  • If you have a boy then, his genitals may be observed on his next ultrasound.

Though, it is sometimes difficult to observe the genitals, so don’t be stressed if there is similar case.

Baby is yawning

At this week, your baby will find out how to yawn and hiccup. Some of these activities you will observe soon in your ultrasound this month.

Baby’s nervous system

Baby’s nervous system is also growing and maturing rapidly. The nerves are now forming complex connections, covered with substance called myelin. This will help speed up  the messages to travel from nerve cell to another nerve cell.

Brain further developing into the ones, that provide the sense of touch, taste, smell, and sight.

Searches show that many nutrients like iron, choline and folate may contribute into healthy brain development. So keep taking this green leafy vegetables, eggs, beans, and other required nutrients in your diet.

18 Weeks Pregnant is how many months?

If you’re in 18 weeks of your pregnancy, then you’re are  5th month pregnant . Only 4 months are left there. Still have problems? Read this post below about this week.

18 Weeks Pregnant Mother

Physical transformation

Baby kicking: Hardly any people can feel unborn baby’s movement early in their pregnancy. Many don’t feel anything distinct until 23 to 25 weeks. The time when one feels their baby’s first movement is different for different people. The sense of your baby’s first actions may be hard to differentiate, particularly if this is your first pregnancy.

Weight gain: Most of the women put on their weight during this first 20 weeks of the pregnancy. Or simply increase a few kilograms until these weeks of pregnancy, but experience a burst growth during the middle of their pregnancy.

Other concerns

Infections: It may be challenging if you are uncovered to an infection while pregnancy. It may include virus such as chicken pox or measles. These kind of infections may possibly affect unborn babies.

These organisms can pass through the placenta or can make the women ill. Any disorder normally depends on the phase of the pregnancy and how strong woman’s immunity is.

Radiation effects: Electronic gadgets have grown to be unavoidable part of our lifestyle. This can be badly affects a woman’s health and her baby’s development.

But still we are careless about it. So be alert while using these equipments in your routine.

Contact with Lead: Lead is heavy metal already in itself. High amount of this metal can cause miscarriage and stillbirth. Other complications such as high blood pressure, premature delivery and poor growth of baby can be happen.

Natural therapy:

Kinesiology is the treatment used to find out the weaknesses in the body. It also treats the physical and emotional disproportion within a mother’s body. This therapy is made by chiropractors in the USA. This is consider secure to use during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Symptoms of 18 Weeks Pregnant

Gaining Weight:

At this stage, every women start gaining a pound a week. As baby weighs seven to eight pounds, placenta carries 2 pounds and blood weighs 4 pounds. So try to manage your healthy weight during this period.

Maintain Balance:

With the growing of the baby, you will gain additional weight, which will change your center of gravity. This may imbalance your body and can give you back pain. You can avoid this situation by lifting up your feet.

Dehydrated eyes:

Pregnancy can make your eyes dry and can give you irritating feeling in case if you wear spectacles. So keep eating and drinking food which soothes your eyes. You can use a ayurvedic eye drop which has no artificial content and harmful chemicals.

Aches and pains:

These symptoms can be normal or more often around this week. You may experience some more painful feelings in your lower abdomen. There may be round ligament pain. This pain is because of your growing baby, which is stretching and growing in your womb.

Blood pressure:

Many times you wondering that why healthcare provider test your blood pressure at every visit? Low B.P can cause headaches and dizziness, but this problem is temporary, it normally goes away with the time.

On the other side, High B.P can cause problems like preterm birth and issue with placenta which can be unsafe for baby and mother.

Fun Fact

Your body is making 50% more blood than when you’re not pregnant to feed the baby.

Your Life at this 18 weeks of pregnancy


Are you facing some problem while sleeping? Your body weight is now not on the position where it was earlier. You are now not able to sleep on your back anymore and belly sleeping is without any doubt is not comfortable.

Healthy snacks:

This time you normally need good food stuffs. It is easy to eat tasty and high carb containing food. You can take fibrous and roughage food which can help you prevent constipation and other related problems.

This can also help your baby to take various vitamins and minerals. You can use these foods both for breakfast and lunch or dinner.

Here are lists of many foods that can help you to avoid many health and pregnancy complications. >>


For further information on your pregnancy weeks, visit pregnancyweekmonth blog.

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