19 weeks pregnant

So what you are thinking, it will be boy or girl? Being 19 Weeks pregnant, you will undoubtedly excited for your pregnancy ultrasound. 

While most parents-to-be take this test as a time to determine the gender of their kid (if they have not previously done so during the first trimester via prenatal screening), you can definitely see even more than baby’s boy or girl bits.

You will see the entire baby’s body—inside and out—and be surprised at the amount of growth and maturation during week 19 of pregnancy. That is quite thrilling!

Baby of 19 Weeks Pregnant Mother

How big my baby is!

Your baby is now 15cm in length, which is about the size of a mango. Baby weighs around 0.23kg at this week.

Growth and maturity 

During this time, your baby has almost developed most of the things, he needs. From here on, there is only thing which will be is to get bigger and finer.

If there will be your mid-pregnancy ultrasound on this week. You will observe some quick look of your baby.

The  arms and legs are becoming more proportional to the rest of the body.  By this time, hairs start developing on the scalp of the baby’s body.

Baby’s skin

Now, baby’s skin is developing and becoming transparent. The skin is appearing to be red, as vessels are observable through the skin.

On the other hand a creamy white coating, known as vernix, starts developing on your baby’s skin. This also protects your baby’s skin.

Sensory development:

At this week, your baby’s brain begins to develop its receptors for the five senses- vision, hearing, smell, taste and touch. Hence, your baby is getting ready for the world outside from your womb.

During this time, baby will able to hear your voice while you’re talking.

Protective coating:

  • At this week, a soft, white creamy coating called vernix, start developing on baby’s skin. This coating will protect the fetus and prevent him from wrinkling in the amniotic fluid.
  •  It also provides fetus a very smooth and soft path through the birth canal during delivery.
  •  It also has anti-bacterial properties.
  • This protective coating may appear after the birth. But it is normal.

19 Weeks Pregnant Mother

Life at this week

Birthing point:

You can just start to look for where you want to have your delivery? Or we can say birthing centers or home. You can also search for rates of C section rates or delivery date.


You can take some more information about your baby’s birth by reading some books on this topic. You can check out some books related to this topic. Your partner can also take some knowledge on that which will help you in careful birthing.


Cravings are very common in these days of pregnancy. If you feel like you want ice-cream go for it, and otherwise. Try to balance your diet with these cravings also.

You can experience food aversions (It is when definite foods make pregnant women uncomfortable and either makes them queasy. They may hate the taste or have problems consuming them).

Make outing:

Try to connect with nature in these days which can lead you better mental and physical health. It can give you more peace and reduce stress by increasing happiness. You can also do some outdoor activities such as walking.

You can go with your partner for outing like for lunch and dinner. You can feel the green and peace environment.

Another concerns

Natural therapy

Reflexology is the massage therapy which is involves the compression of the points on the hands and feet which linked to various organs and system in the body and is also known as reflex zone therapy.

This therapy is based on the belief that energy pass through 10 channels along the 7000 nerves endings in the feet and across the finger tips.

It intends to stimulate these zones by releasing trapped energy resultantly relieving from pain, stress and discomfort and small ailments.

Nutrition Tip:

Ensure to get good amount of iron for your body and make additional blood for upcoming body function. Doctor suggest to take 27 – 30 mg daily for pregnant woman. For more accurate information consult your healthcare provider.

Pregnancy Symptoms at 19 Weeks Pregnant

In this week, you are well in second trimester and you may possibly start feeling and looking more likes a pregnant woman. Most probably you will now start experiencing other new symptoms.


Dizziness and fainting is very common for pregnant women  during these weeks. As baby is growing and resultantly your uterus putting pressure on blood vessels causing slow blood circulation.

So if you feel like fainting and dizziness, you can pause what you are doing and just lie down which can help you in getting your blood flow back.

Further what you can do is do not stand for the long time and when you feel comfortable then stand again. Sleeping on your one side (best on left side) can help you keep your blood flow at good level.

And if dizziness is occurring more, let your doctor know.

Leg contraction:

You can also experience leg cramps and it can disturb you at mid night. These cramps can occur during the day, but this will feel you more at night.

To give the relaxation to your body, you can do some stretching exercise around your muscles. You can also wear good supportive shoes or compression socks.

Although there is no exact reason for the leg cramps, but it is believed that it can be due to extra weight your body is carrying during pregnancy or the vessels that bring the blood from and to from your legs are just squashed due to growing uterus.

There are also assumptions that it can be due to your diet or not being completely hydrated.

Abdomen pain:

Several women experience various pains and aches during their pregnancy. This is mainly due to straining around the ligaments that holds the developing uterus.

Some physical activities like walking, impulsive movements, exercise or swimming can reduce these pains. You can read about stitch pains here>>

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