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Pregnancy Week 24

Twenty Four Weeks Pregnant

At this 24th week of pregnancy, many changes are going to happen for both baby and mother. Baby’s small face has just formed, your tummy is growing and there are further physical changes will take place for baby as well as mother.


How big is my baby at this week?

Your baby is now long as ear of corn. His length is about 11.81inches and his weight 1.32lb. Baby’s nostrils are opening now for practicing breathing. But he will inhale the amniotic fluid instead of air.


You may have observe that baby from now is going to be very busy for next few weeks. His brain is growing and his taste buds are also developing this week.


Your baby’s lungs are developing each day of this week. They start making a substance called surfactant, which helps in keeping your tiny air sacs in the lungs called “alveoli” open.


Baby’s starts practicing breathing in your womb through his nostrils an by moving chest up and down, exhaling amniotic fluid.

Fat deposits:

During this week, your baby’s skin is still thin and transparent, but in little while it will change. Baby’s body shortly starts to get fat in and gained weight this week. This is due to growing muscles, organs, bones and fat. The skin will become less transparent as the fat set down in the body.

Inner ear:

Baby’s vestibular system is developing this week. This is the tiny system in our inner ear which helps us to maintain our balance. So your baby is now able to tell you if they are right side up or upside down.

White blood cells:

Your baby begin to develop the white blood cells which will help them to make strong fight against the infections and other diseases.

Pregnancy Week 23

Twenty Three Weeks Pregnant

Hey! You just now in 6th month of your pregnancy and there are 3 months to go. You will go to experience some other symptoms and observe new changes in your baby and your body.



Your baby is now growing and turning into the size of eggplant. Baby’s length is 11.38inches and his weight is 1.1lb. He is just not getting bigger but he starts looking more like baby.



Your baby now may experience hiccups during this week. These happen due to sudden and irregular contractions of your baby’s undeveloped diaphragm( muscle that supports their lungs).

Some babies hiccups normally and others may be not. Many new born babies continue to hiccup after birth. The baby with the hiccups makes you feel some strange sensations.

Vernix cream:

Your baby’s body starts covering with the thick layer of white vernix cream. This fluid acts as protective layer on his skin in this watery environment.

Fat layer:

A fine layer of fat is formed between the muscle tissues and skin. This covered the blood vessels and makes their skin texture look less translucent.


As the baby is growing, he is filling out more fat in his body. He is changing through his whole body from chubby cheeks to chubby toes. By this week, your baby’s organs and bones start appearing through his skin. These have red shades or tones due to developing veins and arteries below them.


By this week, baby’s blood vessels begin to develop within his lungs. This will greatly help your baby in breathing. 


During this period your baby’s heartbeat turns to be so strong that you could able to hear his heartbeat sound through the stethoscope.

Weight gain:

At this week of your pregnancy, your baby starts developing plenty of weight. As a result, your body also starts changing rapidly. You will see more symptoms about that might strikes your body.

Pregnancy Week 22

Twenty Two Weeks Pregnant

How many months if you are 22 weeks pregnant?

You are in your 5th month of pregnancy, if you are 22 weeks pregnant. Now there is only few months are left. But many women have queries about their baby’s growth, belly shape and other health symptoms. Then you can read below.



How big is Your Baby at this Week?

The baby is now about 10.94 inches in length and his weighs around 15.17 ounces this week. Your baby is now as the size of the papaya. Lungs are start developing in his body and they will begin to make a protein called surfactant. This will help him in breathing properly and independently once he borns.



Now your baby starts identify difference between light and dark much more better, but still his eyelids are fused.


Baby’s hearing ability is also developing this week. He or she starts hearing your heartbeat, noises of blood circulation, stomach gurgling and even your voice.

Facial features:

During this week, eyelids and lips are start developing. The eyes are completely formed but iris still incomplete due to lack of pigments in it. The eyes and eyebrows are in their positions. All these are turning into more like human features.

Developing hair:

At this week, hair starts growing on the baby’s head and eyebrows too.


Nails are also start developing at the end of baby’s fingers. And they will be very sharp when baby will born and come out of your womb. 


The baby’s holding capacity is now stronger than ever before. Grip is quite powerful and there is nothing to hold in your uterus, so he may possibly hold the umbilical cord. 

Skin wrinkling:

Your baby’s skin is still developing during this week. It is appearing more wrinkly, as your baby has not gained yet enough weight to fill his skin.

Pregnancy of 21 Weeks

Week 21 of Your Pregnancy

21 Weeks Pregnant means is how Many Months?

If you are in the 21 weeks of your pregnancy, then you just entered the 6th month of your pregnancy.

Many of the women have started feeling their baby movement inside them.  Even though, the sensations may still be irregular and uncommon.

A few of them are still waiting for this experience.

Baby of 21 Weeks Pregnant Mother


How big is your baby?

From this point, your baby’s length will be measured from the crown to rump or head to foot.

Your baby is 10.5 inches lengthy and now weighs about 12 ounces or we can say 3/4 of a pound.

Your baby is as long as a carrot and his skin is more responsive to touch.


  •   Reproductive system:

Your baby is now starts developing his ability to produce babies. It may not be mature properly.

In male babies, testes are started developing, while females have their ovaries growing within their body. 

  • Eyelids:

During this week, your baby’s eyelids are starting to develop. But it may take some time to grow it properly.

  • Baby’s touch:

If in this week, you would like to push on your belly, the baby most probably will react to your action. He or she is more responsive to touch.

  • Taste buds:

During this week, there is the probability that whatever you eat and drink, your baby will be able to taste it. 

That is why when the baby swallows a little bit of amniotic fluid per day, it is not only for getting nutrition and hydration. But also practice ingesting or gulping and digesting.

The taste of amniotic fluid will differ and will depend upon what is consumed. 

Mother during 21 Weeks of Pregnancy

Your body

Now you are just over halfway into your pregnancy. You may be noticing some interesting effects like lush hair and strong nails.

On the other side of the coin, you may have experienced heartburns or other physical inconvenience.

Here we have listed some signs of pregnancy and information related to the mother.

Symptoms of 21 Weeks Pregnant Woman

Heartburn or indigestion:

This issue you may encounter in this duration. So avoid spicy and greasy foods and other things to control it.

If you are still confused about what is causing the problem, then keep a record of what you are eating. You can figure out the issue more easily with it.

Braxton Hicks contraction:

This time uterus may sense some tightness as it practising labour. Braxton Hicks at this week are completely normal.

If they really causing the issue, try drinking some water or changing positions.

If causing any problem, you can call your health care provider.

Dry and itchy skin:

Your skin is stretching more this time as your bump is growing, making it drier and irritated as the day passes.

Your skin is stretching over your growing bump, making it drier and more irritated by the day.

You can apply pregnancy-safe body oil or lotion to avoid any skin issue and stay moisturized and expectantly less itchy.

In case if you develop any rashes, you can consult your doctor.

Stretch marks:

Skin is getting thin as the baby is growing in this duration, causing tiny tears beneath the surface of your skin.

In many cases, it is very common to women because of heredity or due to rapid weight gain. And this is more common in women who are 21 weeks pregnant with twins.

There is no absolute solution to these stretch marks but these can fade after birth.

Nails growth:

You may experience extra estrogen during the pregnancy which can make your hair and nails grow faster.

You can take the manicure and pedicure for this duration. You can have long hair at this stage.

Leaking breasts:

You may be observed that your breast is leaking while pregnant. This liquid is exactly not breast milk.

It is colostrum (a thick, yellowish, nutrient contained fluid) that going to be the baby’s first food in the coming days.

Your life at 21 weeks

During this week, there is a lot to think about and that’s why we listed some topics to help you.


You should approach doula or not? It is a common question that comes to mind sometimes during the second half of your journey.

A doula is experienced and trained in childbirth, but actually, they do not deliver the baby.

They are just here to provide you with all the support or any help during your labour.

You do not need to think about it instantly, but can be helpful for the future.

Chiropractic treatment:

American pregnancy association estimated that 50-70% of women in this duration face back pain at some point.

Chiropractic care or therapy can be helpful at this point when you have to keep in mind both prenatal and postpartum back pain.

Bare requirements:

This time you may be finding some baby stuff online, but you are still confused with all these, as choices are endless.

You have various options for essential baby gear.

Maternity shoot:

You can book a maternity shoot and if want to schedule it, then the best time is to do usually between 30-36 weeks.

But if you are not interested in any kind of shoot, then it’s ok too!

You can also check for 20 weeks pregnant blog.