Pregnancy Week 24

Twenty Four Weeks Pregnant

At this 24th week of pregnancy, many changes are going to happen for both baby and mother. Baby’s small face has just formed, your tummy is growing and there are further physical changes will take place for baby as well as mother.


How big is my baby at this week?

Your baby is now long as ear of corn. His length is about 11.81inches and his weight 1.32lb. Baby’s nostrils are opening now for practicing breathing. But he will inhale the amniotic fluid instead of air.


You may have observe that baby from now is going to be very busy for next few weeks. His brain is growing and his taste buds are also developing this week.


Your baby’s lungs are developing each day of this week. They start making a substance called surfactant, which helps in keeping your tiny air sacs in the lungs called “alveoli” open.


Baby’s starts practicing breathing in your womb through his nostrils an by moving chest up and down, exhaling amniotic fluid.

Fat deposits:

During this week, your baby’s skin is still thin and transparent, but in little while it will change. Baby’s body shortly starts to get fat in and gained weight this week. This is due to growing muscles, organs, bones and fat. The skin will become less transparent as the fat set down in the body.

Inner ear:

Baby’s vestibular system is developing this week. This is the tiny system in our inner ear which helps us to maintain our balance. So your baby is now able to tell you if they are right side up or upside down.

White blood cells:

Your baby begin to develop the white blood cells which will help them to make strong fight against the infections and other diseases.

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