Pregnancy Week 22

Twenty Two Weeks Pregnant

How many months if you are 22 weeks pregnant?

You are in your 5th month of pregnancy, if you are 22 weeks pregnant. Now there is only few months are left. But many women have queries about their baby’s growth, belly shape and other health symptoms. Then you can read below.



How big is Your Baby at this Week?

The baby is now about 10.94 inches in length and his weighs around 15.17 ounces this week. Your baby is now as the size of the papaya. Lungs are start developing in his body and they will begin to make a protein called surfactant. This will help him in breathing properly and independently once he borns.



Now your baby starts identify difference between light and dark much more better, but still his eyelids are fused.


Baby’s hearing ability is also developing this week. He or she starts hearing your heartbeat, noises of blood circulation, stomach gurgling and even your voice.

Facial features:

During this week, eyelids and lips are start developing. The eyes are completely formed but iris still incomplete due to lack of pigments in it. The eyes and eyebrows are in their positions. All these are turning into more like human features.

Developing hair:

At this week, hair starts growing on the baby’s head and eyebrows too.


Nails are also start developing at the end of baby’s fingers. And they will be very sharp when baby will born and come out of your womb. 


The baby’s holding capacity is now stronger than ever before. Grip is quite powerful and there is nothing to hold in your uterus, so he may possibly hold the umbilical cord. 

Skin wrinkling:

Your baby’s skin is still developing during this week. It is appearing more wrinkly, as your baby has not gained yet enough weight to fill his skin.

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