22 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby’s vision and hearing senses are all improving when you are 22 weeks pregnant. The weight of the baby increased remarkably over the past few weeks.

May be in this  week, you may face some changes with your body such as bigger feet and bulging navel.

22 weeks pregnant in months?

You are in your 5th month of pregnancy, if you are 22 weeks pregnant. Now there is only few months are left. But many women have queries about their baby’s growth, belly shape and other health symptoms. Then you can read below.



How big is Your Baby at this Week?

The baby is now about 10.94 inches in length and his weighs around 15.17 ounces this week. Your baby is now as the size of the papaya. Lungs are start developing in his body and they will begin to make a protein called surfactant. This will help him in breathing properly and independently once he borns.



Now your baby starts identify difference between light and dark much more better, but still his eyelids are fused.


Baby’s hearing ability is also developing this week. He or she starts hearing your heartbeat, noises of blood circulation, stomach gurgling and even your voice.

Facial features:

During this week, eyelids and lips are start developing. The eyes are completely formed but iris still incomplete due to lack of pigments in it. The eyes and eyebrows are in their positions. All these are turning into more like human features.

Developing hair:

At this week, hair starts growing on the baby’s head and eyebrows too.


Nails are also start developing at the end of baby’s fingers. And they will be very sharp when baby will born and come out of your womb. 


The baby’s holding capacity is now stronger than ever before. Grip is quite powerful and there is nothing to hold in your uterus, so he may possibly hold the umbilical cord. 

Skin wrinkling:

Your baby’s skin is still developing during this week. It is appearing more wrinkly, as your baby has not gained yet enough weight to fill his skin.

22 Weeks Pregnant Mother


Your body at 22 weeks includes many things to consider. Your tummy is just getting bigger and bigger, this is not the only thing is changing. You have noticed that your feet are swelling more this week.

This can be due to pregnancy hormone Relaxin, which causes loosen in the ligament of the feet. This results in the increase in shoe size by half or full. Do not try to squeeze into your old shoes pair. Prefer a bigger and comfortable pair that you can have all throughout the pregnancy. And make sure no heels at all.

Symptoms at 22 weeks pregnant

During this week, you may experience lot of signs of pregnancy. This may be belly size, belly button. See many signs happening at this week.

Back pain:

You many times observe pregnant women posing pictures with their hands on their lower backs. This is because back pain is major issue during pregnancy.

As there is shift in your centre of gravity, weight gain and surplus amount of pregnancy hormone Relaxin all these contribute to back pain.

Just keep in mind exercise regularly and sit up straight. Try with the cold compress for few days, followed by mild heating pad to relax the pain.

Belly button:

These days your uterus continues to spread out, which causes pressure on your abdomen. If you have innie belly button, then your belly button may pop out. It will set out to normal after your delivery.

Snug feeling of shoes:

There will be many changes while your pregnancy. One of the strange variations you got to observe is large size of the feet. It is due to discharge of Relaxin hormone. This relaxes all the joints and result in increase in feet size.

Extra weight during your pregnancy can also flatten out the foot.
Yep, feet tend to grow during pregnancy. Our feet have 26 bones and 33 joints, and since relaxin loosens all the joints, feet tend to spread a bit. And extra weight also flattens

Blood pressure:

Women face many issues during their pregnancy, but 10% of them develop some sort of hypertensive disorder also known as blood pressure.

You can check and monitor your BP at every visit to your health care provider, If anything rises with it, he will give you the information. Why? It can develop the major complication preeclampsia during your pregnancy.

This mostly affects the 5-8% of woman. Black women are more inclined to this complexity. But with the proper screening and care you and baby can be stay fit and healthy.

Stretch Marks:

Stretch marks are most appearing and observable issue on the belly in the pregnancy. There may be stretch marks on breast, thighs, hips, butt and arms and it may be like tiger stripes.

There is three phases stretch marks normally go through.

  1. They may be itchy and bigger in size initially. They might be pink, red, purple, reddish brown or dark brown according to skin tone.
  2. After some time they can be bigger and may become extra bold in color.
  3. Post  pregnancy, they become fade closer to your natural skin color.

Tip : 

Keep in mind that sudden swelling of the face or hands and upper abdominal pain are two sure signs of preeclampsia.

Your Life at this week

Stay happy, you’re going well with your pregnancy. There is more time ahead of you now.

Put some limits:

It’s OK to have restrictions while your pregnancy. Want people not touch your belly? Wish everyone stop commenting on your size? You can response to this kind of people with polite but firmly. You can order them not to touch, without bothering what other people will think of you.

Things to buy:

You can have much stuff to buy this time. You can ease the pressure on hips and low back pain with the maternity belt.

You can have one size fit all bands specifically wrapped around the lower abdomen to deliver light compression and reduce spinal pressure.

Deal with unknowns:

What about the headache? Is baby moving more than before? Many queries will be come to your mind throughout your pregnancy. Just take deep breath and call your doctor if it is urgent. Give you the time and space.


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