Pregnancy Week 23

Twenty Three Weeks Pregnant

Hey! You just now in 6th month of your pregnancy and there are 3 months to go. You will go to experience some other symptoms and observe new changes in your baby and your body.



Your baby is now growing and turning into the size of eggplant. Baby’s length is 11.38inches and his weight is 1.1lb. He is just not getting bigger but he starts looking more like baby.



Your baby now may experience hiccups during this week. These happen due to sudden and irregular contractions of your baby’s undeveloped diaphragm( muscle that supports their lungs).

Some babies hiccups normally and others may be not. Many new born babies continue to hiccup after birth. The baby with the hiccups makes you feel some strange sensations.

Vernix cream:

Your baby’s body starts covering with the thick layer of white vernix cream. This fluid acts as protective layer on his skin in this watery environment.

Fat layer:

A fine layer of fat is formed between the muscle tissues and skin. This covered the blood vessels and makes their skin texture look less translucent.


As the baby is growing, he is filling out more fat in his body. He is changing through his whole body from chubby cheeks to chubby toes. By this week, your baby’s organs and bones start appearing through his skin. These have red shades or tones due to developing veins and arteries below them.


By this week, baby’s blood vessels begin to develop within his lungs. This will greatly help your baby in breathing. 


During this period your baby’s heartbeat turns to be so strong that you could able to hear his heartbeat sound through the stethoscope.

Weight gain:

At this week of your pregnancy, your baby starts developing plenty of weight. As a result, your body also starts changing rapidly. You will see more symptoms about that might strikes your body.

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