23 Weeks Pregnant

Being 23 weeks pregnant getting ready for the major growth within yourself. Your baby is double in size as moving towards the end of second trimester. 

In this week, you may feel many of the symptoms and signs. Check out the important aspects of your journey. and prepared yourself for these changes.

23 weeks pregnant in months?

Hey! You just now in 6th month of your pregnancy and there are 3 months to go. You will go to experience some other symptoms and observe new changes in your baby and your body.

Baby of 23 Weeks Pregnant


Your baby is now growing and turning into the size of eggplant. Baby’s length is 11.38inches and his weight is 1.1lb. He is just not getting bigger but he starts looking more like baby.



Your baby now may experience hiccups during this week. These happen due to sudden and irregular contractions of your baby’s undeveloped diaphragm( muscle that supports their lungs).

Some babies hiccups normally and others may be not. Many new born babies continue to hiccup after birth. The baby with the hiccups makes you feel some strange sensations.

Vernix cream:

Your baby’s body starts covering with the thick layer of white vernix cream. This fluid acts as protective layer on his skin in this watery environment.

Fat layer:

A fine layer of fat is formed between the muscle tissues and skin. This covered the blood vessels and makes their skin texture look less translucent.


As the baby is growing, he is filling out more fat in his body. He is changing through his whole body from chubby cheeks to chubby toes. By this week, your baby’s organs and bones start appearing through his skin. These have red shades or tones due to developing veins and arteries below them.


By this week, baby’s blood vessels begin to develop within his lungs. This will greatly help your baby in breathing. 


During this period your baby’s heartbeat turns to be so strong that you could able to hear his heartbeat sound through the stethoscope.

Weight gain:

At this week of your pregnancy, your baby starts developing plenty of weight. As a result, your body also starts changing rapidly. You will see more symptoms about that might strikes your body.

23 Weeks Pregnant Mother

Your body will experience different symptoms at this week. It may be leaking breasts to swelling, constant feeling of pee. You have various things in your path. Here we have listed some of signs you will have in this week.

Symptoms at 23 Weeks Pregnant

Leaking breasts:

As your boobs transforming from decoration to lactation, you can observe some leakage of colostrum or pre-milk.

Darker nipples:

This week may be your nipples begin to darken and fix out more. They get back to their lighter color when you just complete your breastfeeding.

Swollen feet and ankles:

Some kind of puffiness is almost normal in this condition. During pregnancy, a woman has ability to hold water which results into light swelling. To deal with it, you can support your feet when you sit or change position sometimes and exercise regularly.

Drink Sufficient:

Try to drink sufficient amount of water to deal with water retention. Sudden swelling is thing to concern, as it may be sign of preeclampsia. Call your health care provider, if needed.  

Odd cravings:

In pregnancy, there has been observed that a woman face strange hunger and desire for food. But if you are craving for something that is not a food, then you should inform your doctor. Because, this may be the sign of condition called pica.

If your body desiring for like dirt, clay, or salt, it may be sign of low iron or a different nutritional deficiency.

Inform your healthcare provider, he can deal with it and treat you to go back to craving things like ice cream again.

Frequent bathroom breaks:

As your baby is growing during this time, this will be increasing pressure on your bladder. This results in need to pee frequently or even little leak sometimes.

Bleeding and swollen gums:

Surely, you will not expecting gums issue during pregnancy. But as hormones increase the blood flow, this results into gums to swell and bleed.

If you are feeling more sensitive than normal, you can change to organic toothpaste rather than chemical one or soft bristle toothbrush.

You can have regular check up of your teeth. You should have dentist routine check up at least every six months.
While visiting at your dental health check up, avoid X-rays, as it can be harmful for pregnant women.

Your Life at 23 Weeks Pregnant

You well spent the half way through your pregnancy. Still there are many weeks to go.

Top tip:

During your pregnancy, you must be feel free and happy. So it is good to spend time with your nearest and dearest.

Play day:

You can plan a day according to your wish (though it can include friends or partners). It does not matter what you do, it should be pleasurable to you or which makes you feel good.

Daily physical activity:

You should be regular with your physical activity. If yoga is not your cup of tea, then it’s ok. There are many ways to get good health or fitness while your pregnancy.

Search for prenatal classes in your area or locality. If weather is not favorable there, you can search online mat Pilates’ videos.

Book reading:

You can have interesting book list to read. This can change your mood and control over it.

Get out & enjoy the sun:

Sun is the best source of energy and positive vibes in our life. You can get enough vitamin-D in your pregnancy. So spending time in the sun is best way to get it.

So spend most of your time outside in the morning and evening at least 5-30 minutes in the sun. But make sure not to overdose it and sunburn.

Plan for time off:

Now everyone can easily see that you are pregnant, it is best time to schedule your maternity leave for baby.

Child care arrangement:

You can arrange for child care, if you think, you will need it after baby will born. So you can search for it. It might be easy to find this service, but it may be challenging for some areas.


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