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Pregnancy Week 36

Thirty Six Weeks Pregnant

Your baby’s growth period has come to an end. We will find how he will develop further in this week. You can know the pregnancy signs and will aware about the pregnancy.



Your baby is of the length of 18.7 inches and weighs 5.75lb. It is almost of the size of romaine lettuce. He is getting the fat in his body and becoming plumper. freemake video converter crack


Your baby is working hard to accumulate the most of the fat his body. This layer of fat is rounded up his face. 

This fat makes about 15% of his body weight. And this will help in maintain the body temperature of the baby.

Sucking muscles has developed by this time and are ready for his first real feeding.

o   Blood flow:

Your baby’s blood circulation is fully working and running properly. And getting prepare for his arrival with almost all functions.

o   Digestion:

Digestion process is still under process. You baby not feed any milk yet, so it will take time to get all the functions of digestion to work properly. driver genius professional full crack

o   Shedding:

The downy hair on the body of the baby is shedding during this week.

o   Head down:

By this week, your baby is heading down to the cervix, getting ready for the arrival. If baby is not in this position, you can consult to your doctor about how you can change the position.

Pregnancy Week 34

Thirty four Weeks Pregnant

During this week, you can feel more pelvic pressure and baby may have tiny nails have grown.



Your baby is now of the size of cantaloupe. He is of the length of 17.7inches and 4.73 lb. His bones are developing this week. He is turning his heads and moving the body from side to side.


Your baby is now preparing for his arrival in few weeks. This week protective caseosa (cheese like white waxy coating that keeps skin safe) starts thicken. After birth it will be washed off very shortly.

o   Nervous system:

With this week, your baby’s nervous system has developed. Brain power continues to increase.

o   Breathing fluid:

Still development is occurring in the respiratory system. Lungs continue to grow and mature during this week. Baby is practicing the breathing by inhaling the amniotic fluid.

o   Fingernails and toenails:

His nails started growing by this week. This growth happens really fast and baby can’t control them as a result scratch themselves.

o   Fetal sleep:

His sleep takes place in cycles with this week. Some of the time they are in deep sleep state and rest of the time in REM (rapid eye movement). There is other part of the time that is not fixed type of sleep.

Pregnancy Week 35

Thirty five Weeks Pregnant

During this time, you can experience some signs of labor near to this week. Baby has been developed all his hearing.


How big is your baby!

Your baby is now of the size of honeydew melon. He is of the length of 18.19inches and 5.25lbs.

He is now upside down in your uterus.

Your baby is 18.2 inches long this week and weighs 5.3 pounds. That’s about the size of a George Foreman Grill.


Now only five weeks are left. Baby is now doing some powerful moves. Here are some more information about growth.

o   Breech position:

Your baby is now in the downward position facing the cervix and vagina. Most of the baby’s adopted this position or rest remain in the position known as breech position in which feet are in place to come out first.

o   Listening:

Your baby’s hearing skills have been developed by this week. He can now hear your voice clearly and may be able to recognize partner’s too. Your baby is now can react to high pitched or loud noises.

o   Kidney and liver:

Kidney and liver are developing has now developed by this week. Liver is separating the waste from the body. Most of the functions have been developed by now.

o   Slower growth:

Many of the functions of the body are growing slowly and steady. Baby is developing gradually this week.

Pregnancy Week 33

Thirty three Weeks Pregnant

During this week, bones of the baby starts harden, and you can start forgetting the things from this week.



Your baby is now of the size of a pineapple. Baby is now of the length of 17.20in and weighs 4.23lb.

From this week, lanugo the fine hair that covered the body during his development is now starting to disappear.  


Now there is no more space for your baby in your womb. Baby becomes less active. You may notice that he can be affect by your daily activities.

Your baby is getting ready for their big first appearance, adding more fat layers, solidifying up bones and increasing their immune system.

Some details are given below:

o   Hard bones:

Your bones are becoming hard during this week. But the skull of the baby will be soft at the time of birth so that it can move the through the birth canal also know as vagina.

o   Baby fat:

At this time, baby starts getting all the fat on their arms and legs. It makes baby more adorable and it also helps the baby regulate their temperature in the early weeks of life.

o   Immune system:

Now your body is passing the antibodies to the baby making him ready to develop his immune system. This will help the baby to fight against the germs after reached the outside world.