Pregnancy of 34 Weeks Pregnant

During this week, you can feel more pelvic pressure at 34 weeks pregnant. Your uterus is growing more to accommodate the big baby. And baby may have tiny nails have grown.

34 weeks pregnant in months

When you are going through this weeks, you are in your 8th month of pregnancy. Moving towards the completion of 9 month. 



Your baby is now of the size of cantaloupe. He is of the length of 17.7inches and 4.73 lb. His bones are developing this week. He is turning his heads and moving the body from side to side.


Your baby is now preparing for his arrival in few weeks. This week protective caseosa (cheese like white waxy coating that keeps skin safe) starts thicken. After birth it will be washed off very shortly.

o   Nervous system:

With this week, your baby’s nervous system has developed. Brain power continues to increase.

o   Breathing fluid:

Still development is occurring in the respiratory system. Lungs continue to grow and mature during this week. Baby is practicing the breathing by inhaling the amniotic fluid.

o   Fingernails and toenails:

His nails started growing by this week. This growth happens really fast and baby can’t control them as a result scratch themselves.

o   Fetal sleep:

His sleep takes place in cycles with this week. Some of the time they are in deep sleep state and rest of the time in REM (rapid eye movement). There is other part of the time that is not fixed type of sleep.



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