Pregnancy of 36 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby’s growth period has come to an end when you 36 Weeks Pregnant . We will find how he will develop further in this week.

Learn here the symptoms of labors and things to do at this week.

Baby of 36 weeks pregnant


Your baby is of the length of 18.7 inches and weighs 5.75lb. It is almost of the size of romaine lettuce. He is getting the fat in his body and becoming plumper.


Your baby is working hard to accumulate the most of the fat his body. This layer of fat is rounded up his face. 

This fat makes about 15% of his body weight. And this will help in maintain the body temperature of the baby.

Sucking muscles has developed by this time and are ready for his first real feeding.

Blood flow:

Your baby’s blood circulation is fully working and running properly. And getting prepare for his arrival with almost all functions.


Digestion process is still under process. You baby not feed any milk yet, so it will take time to get all the functions of digestion to work properly. 


The downy hair on the body of the baby is shedding during this week.

Head down:

By this week, your baby is heading down to the cervix, getting ready for the arrival. If baby is not in this position, you can consult to your doctor about how you can change the position.



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