Pregnancy of 33 Weeks Pregnant

When you are 33 Weeks Pregnant, you may feel like your body weight down through pelvis region.

If this is the case, then it may be the indication that your baby is ready for birth. The bones of the baby starts harden as you approaches the end of this week.



Your baby is now of the size of a pineapple. Baby is now of the length of 17.20in and weighs 4.23lb.

From this week, lanugo the fine hair that covered the body during his development is now starting to disappear.  


Now there is no more space for your baby in your womb. Baby becomes less active. You may notice that he can be affect by your daily activities.

Your baby is getting ready for their big first appearance, adding more fat layers, solidifying up bones and increasing their immune system.

Some details are given below:

Hard bones:

Your bones are becoming hard during this week. But the skull of the baby will be soft at the time of birth so that it can move the through the birth canal also know as vagina.

Baby fat:

At this time, baby starts getting all the fat on their arms and legs. It makes baby more adorable and it also helps the baby regulate their temperature in the early weeks of life.

Immune system:

Now your body is passing the antibodies to the baby making him ready to develop his immune system. This will help the baby to fight against the germs after reached the outside world.



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