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Pregnancy at Week 17

Now you are 17 Weeks Pregnant and many other symptoms may you observe this week. One of the common signs many women experience is Dizziness in second trimester. 

Your baby may also begin to develop the brown layer of fat under the skin. This adding fat may offer the warmth after birth but now this work is done by uterus. 

 How many months is 17 Weeks Pregnant?

If in the case, you’re 17 weeks pregnant, you’re in 4th month of your pregnancy. Here you are in second trimester. Many women still have some confusion about their pregnancy. So, we have some information about their baby growth, their body changes during pregnancy.

17 Weeks Pregnant baby

How big is my baby at 17 weeks pregnant?

Your baby is now growing at good pace. At this week, baby is about the size of a large onion. His body length is about 13cm (5.12inch) and he weighs around 0.14 kg (4.94oz).

Your baby is almost doubled in weight from the last two weeks.

Growth of the baby

During this week, fat starts to develop in baby’s body. This fat helps the baby in maintaining his body’s heat production and metabolism.

Baby is practicing more and more skills which he required later (out your womb).

Bone development: The cartilage starts changing into bones of his limbs. After that, bones will keep harden and fuse into their early years of life.

Sweat glands: During this week, baby is developing sweat glands. Though, baby is not actually sweating. It can take few weeks for all the glands to develop in his body.

Sucking and swallowing: Now your baby is getting prepared for the sucking and ingesting for the survival outside the womb or those activities of eating milk from the breast or the bottle.

Many of them, start sucking their thumbs in the womb.

Umbilical cord: The umbilical cord is one of the most important parts which connect your baby to the placenta. It can be considered as the lifeline for your fetus. Because, It is the one which carries nutrients and other food, necessary for your fetus.

It has three vessels; a vein that carries blood rich in oxygen and nutrients for the baby and two arteries that carry blood from the baby to the placenta. These arteries contain waste products such as carbon dioxide from the baby’s metabolism.

It is getting thicker and longer during this week.

Fingerprints: During this week, your baby’s fingerprints start forming. Within the next week, the pads on your baby’s fingertips and toes will turn out to be more adorned with fully individual swirl and creases, also called fingerprints.

Skin: Your baby is now begin to cover him with the coating of vernix – which is a waxy substance that contains antioxidants, as well as anti-infection and anti-inflammatory properties. This coating will protect your baby from all infections after the birth.

Regulation of the heart: Baby’s heart is now much more regulated than earlier. This means that his heart is not beating randomly, about twice as fast as yours.

Hearing: Your baby’s sense of hearing is also developing this week. As the ears have almost fully formed and have already taken their positioned.

Fat: Your baby starts forming fat tissue or adipose. This will help in keeping your baby’s body warm and maintain metabolism.

17 Weeks Pregnant Mother

Physical changes

Sweating and Warming: Most of the women normally experience warming and sweating more in this weeks. This is because of increased blood flow in woman’s body.

There is pregnancy hormone progesterone also makes your small blood vessels in the skin called capillaries more relaxed and expand to become fuller. This causes the attachment to skin’s surface refers to as vasodilation.

This process and fast metabolism additionally increased your body temperature. You can use single sheet while sleeping in winters also.

Vaginal discharge: Several women observe the changes in their vaginal discharge. Pregnancy hormones can cause the vaginal pH more alkaline and causing women prone to annoying infections such as thrush or gardnerlla.

Further considerations

Over-the-counter drugs and medication:

During these modern days, pregnant women have become more alert or aware of the substances they intake or use more often. But in this condition many of the home remedies they find in the kitchen or products they buy normally through retail shops may be unsafe. So be careful about what you are taking and eating.

Raspberry leaf:

This is traditional herb that has been accepted as a possible uterine tonic for childbirth. It is surveyed that up to 20% of the pregnant women take some type of raspberry leaf extract during their pregnancy or after the birth. But most of the caregivers don’t suggest it until 33 to 34 weeks.

Natural treatment:

Dietary therapy treat the patient by using proper diet and hence avoid diseases or discomfort. It is based on the fact that problem can be due to deficiency of vitamins and minerals making immune system weak.

Several health disorders can be treated involves infertility, miscarriage, diabetes, postnatal depression, anxiety and illness.

Increasing appetite:

Many women considered that the second trimester not only give relief form sickness but also increased more appetite. So don’t get surprised if you all of the sudden start feeling hungry. But take care of what you eat, don’t get careless.

Now if you are wondering about your increased appetite, then the simple answer of that is your developing baby. With the size of the baby, the appetite is also increasing. You gain weight with this pregnancy and accurate measurement of gaining weight you can take from your practitioner. He or she can also help you to gain healthy weight.

Symptoms of 17 Weeks Pregnant 

Braxton Hicks contractions:

Your body starts preparing for labor as you are moving towards your due date. Braxton Hicks contractions are practice contractions you may feel in these weeks. They give feeling like tightening across your belly. But these are irregular. If these contractions are getting more severe or intense, call your healthcare provider.

Baby’s kick:

During these weeks and sometime later, most of the women start feeling the kicks from the baby.

You may feel like gas or vomiting to you at early stage, but later you begin to identify it known as quickening. It is considered second most important event in pregnant woman’s life.

Increased melanin:

Now your body is releasing extra melanin because of increased estrogen. This can make a mask of pregnancy on your face or the line of pregnancy down your belly. It is thick dark line down the center of the belly called linea nigra. But it removes itself after birth.

Morning sickness:

Many of the women get rid of this morning sickness in this second trimester. But there is chances that it can be go longer in this trimester. You may be at risk of dehydration and malnutrition. So it is better to consult from your medical care provider.

Stretch marks:

During pregnancy, most of your body is stretching more and more. Due to this you can get some lines like tiger strips. But there is nothing you can use for these stretches and lines. What you can do is keep hydrating your body and lotion up it regularly. With the passage of the time these will fade.


You can have enough information through this blog regarding your pregnancy when you are 17 weeks pregnant. 

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Pregnancy at Week 16

As you are now in the 16 weeks pregnant journey, you will across many exciting things going to happen in your way. 

In this week, you may have some check up visit there you will get to have chance to hear your baby’s heartbeat. 

Apart from that, kick of the baby can be more exciting that will probably begin this week. So ready for the new things going to happen in your journey. 

In addition to this, baby will start hearing your voice and you can also start a good conversation with baby. 

Baby of 16 weeks Pregnant Mother

How big is Your Baby at this week!

Your baby is now of the size of an avocado. Your fetus is of the length 4.57inches and his weight is around 3.53oz.


Baby’s doing

  • Fetus starts making facial expressions.
  • Able to hear things such as voices and music.
  • Hairlines start appearing.
  • Baby can place his head more firmly.

Developing taste buds: 

Your fetus is start developing his taste buds during this week. Tiny pores on the tongue are start developing. He starts tasting and eating salty amniotic fluid.


Your baby’s nails are starting to develop on his toes. Baby should be completely grown around 34 weeks.

Umbilical cord

The umbilical cord is now growing and developing. It normally has one vein and two arteries to keep baby growing and healthy. It is insulated by a thick cream.


Small bones are start developing in your baby’s ears. This helps your baby to hear your voice clearly.

Baby’s eyes

Your fetus eyes are finally start working during this week. Baby starts making small side to side movements. His eyes taking light and but the eyelids are still closed.

Facial expressions

Baby starts developing his facial muscles. Baby is capable of making a few expressive frowns and squints.

Changes in the 16 Weeks Pregnant Woman

Physical changes

Bending: During this time, if you try to lie down, then top of your uterus can be in the position halfway between your pubic bone and belly button. Now it is tough for you to bend down to pick and lift the things up. So it is good to use your legs to bend so it can support and guard your back.

Colostrum: There may be the chances that colostrum can leak from your breasts. But, this does not occur with every woman. The presence or absence of this colostrum hardly affects your ability of breastfeeding. This is the earliest fluid which the breast of the a woman releases. It is plain, smooth yellow and thick in uniformity.

If the leakage is occurring with you, then you required breast pads within your bra.

Natural Therapies for the Mother at this week

Chiropractic therapy: This treatment is used during pregnancy and after the delivery for getting rid of the back pain, pelvic ache, and symphysis pain and muscle contraction. It can be used to treat disturbed and irritated babies who have complicated birth due to this disorder in the mother body.

Osteopathy treatment: This healing action mostly used for neck and back pain. This is normally acted upon the small babies who have experienced difficult or discomfort birth. This gently directs the bones in the baby’s head.

Pregnancy Symptoms of 16 weeks pregnant woman

Here now you are in your second trimester, you may experience some better pregnancy signs. It may include thickness in hairs, fasting growing nails etc. Below are some changes you may experience during this week.

More glowing skin:

Due to increased blood flow and different hormone secretion such as chorionic gonadotropin many pregnant ladies appear shinier and amazing.

Acne or oily skin:

There may be other scenario with this hormone release. The same hormone which makes you glowing can also make your skin oily and cause acne. So before using acne relief products, consult your health care, as some of them may be unsafe for you and your baby.

Shortness in breathing:

With the releasing of progesterone, you may face some breathing problem repeatedly. As also the baby is growing more rapidly, it can be difficult for your lungs to take deep and full breath. It is good idea to take breaks or make things easier for you.

Stuffy nose:

This time you may experience your nose stuffier also known as pregnancy rhinitis. This symptom may affect women range from 18% to 42%. An increased estrogen makes your nasal passages puffed up and resultantly produced more mucus.

In this case you can use shower steam and elevate your head with more pillows while sleeping. You can use saline nose drops or can clear your nasal passages.

Your Life at this week

Embrace changes:

You are now in fourth month of your pregnancy. The time is just going like flying bird in the sky or crawling down on the ground. You have faced many changes and signs in those past weeks. Some make you feel better and other put you in anxious or difficulty. But it is good to embrace all the challenges and alteration because all they are leading to a clear path towards your destiny (baby). 

Meditation and yoga:

Meditation is the most used and trending way to get stability in these conditions. A consistent meditation and yoga can help you in reducing stress and anxiety created due to irregular changes during pregnancy. This small contribution towards this initiative can make a huge difference in your life.


Within the next few weeks, you start feeling movement of your baby in your stomach. This movement called quickening. It may feel like gas bubble or slightly waving. But it is occurred regularly, so you now know that it is your baby.

Mom-to-be: Within the next few weeks, you may start to feel your baby move, called “quickening.” It often feels like a gas bubble or subtle flutter movement. As it happens

Tip for 16 Weeks Pregnant this week:

Your leg veins can swell up more at this week. You may need supporting stockings, so you can lift your feet up whenever you want. You can exercise to regulate your blood flow.

Here in this article you get the information of 16 weeks pregnant woman journey. If you want to know details of journey of next week then you can visit here : 17 weeks pregnant 

Pregnancy at Week 15

This week, the baby of 15 weeks Pregnant woman starting to take the shape. During this week, you can also improve your morning sickness symptoms. But you can face some other signs, such as bleeding gums. Let’s know more about this pregnancy at week 15. 

How many months is 15 weeks in pregnancy?

You are now in the second trimester of your pregnancy. You are in the 5th month of pregnancy. Here is complete information regarding your pregnancy.

Baby of 15 Weeks Pregnant Mother 

Size of the baby

How big is Your Baby at this week?

Your baby is about the size of an apple. The baby is 3.98 inches long and he weighs around 2.47 oz.


How much development!

Your baby’s skin is still very thin. The blood vessels can be observed through the skin. The baby’s ears are still growing externally and more identifiable this week.

  • The eyes are shifting its positions, moving towards the nose from the sides of the head. Eyes are now become more sensitive to light, although they remained closed.
  • Baby’s bones are becoming hard, it can be observed by seeing x-ray of the bones.
  • Ears are now well positioned on the sides of his head.


Your fetus has started daily aerobics classes such as kicking, twisting toes and moving little arms and legs.

But you would not be able to feel these movements occurring in your abdominal.


Your fetus is practicing breathing, sucking and swallowing (eating, or drinking). These are all skills to survive in the world out of your womb.

These activities you would not feel yet. But all they are occurring in your body.


During this week, your fetus is able to hear sounds hided from outside world, sounds of your digestive system, your voice and the heartbeat.


During this week, your baby can move all his joints and practicing, moving around here and there.

15 Weeks Pregnant Mother and her Body

Physical Changes

Pains and cramping:

With the growing of your uterus and increase in baby’s movements, you may feel some weird and wonderful feelings. This may range from stretching to mild cramping with tugging and pulling.

Aches and pains can produce unfamiliar feelings within your body. If this pain is not  severe and no bleeding is there coupled with it, then it is normal.

Emotional reactions:

There may be some changes at mental and physical level. You may experience some unknown feelings during your pregnancy.

Other considerations

Natural therapy

Iridology: Iridology is the natural therapy from the times of Hippocrates (about 400BC). This therapy is used to diagnose diseases by studying the iris of the eye i.e.  Colored part of the eye. Since the iris is an unique as your fingerprints and it is considered to reflect the health of your body’s organs and glands.

Symptoms of 15 Weeks Pregnant Woman

At this week of pregnancy, since your body is making extra blood to have room for your growing baby. You may notice slight bleeding from your nose and gums.

Here are some of the pregnant symptoms you may experience.

Nose bleeding:

Your body is producing a lot of extra blood. This may cause to extra bleeding than normal.

Swollen gums:

 This extra blood quantity can also build your gums further more sensitive. You can switch to a softer toothbrush. It’s in fact essential to pay attention towards your teeth and gums now. Since pregnancy increase the possibility of gum disease. So don’t ignore your expected dental visits.

Pregnancy checkup at this week

There are some tests that you should have at the starting of this15 weeks, and you’ll have some options to choose. You have to choose from below one or two of these possible tests:

Quad display:

 This test detect hormones and proteins in your blood to find out the baby’s risk of having a neural tube defect, Down disorder or other genetic condition. It generally take place between 15 weeks and 20 weeks.


The amino exists between 15 weeks and 20 week. This can in fact identify neural tube defects, Down syndrome or other genetic conditions with 99% accuracy. It’s more invasive, as amniotic fluid required to be taken.

Tip of the Week:

  • Start practicing to nap on your left side; this can cause your circulation better in this condition.
  • You can try to place cushion at the your back and stuck between your legs. Some pregnancy pillows hold your entire body.

Fun Fact:

Your heart accurately grows throughout your pregnancy. It increases about 12% more than it is actual.

Conclusion: If you are in the this stage of pregnancy, then this blog can be helpful for you. If you are excited to learn how the things will work for you in the next week. You can visit to this blog of 16 weeks pregnant.

Enjoy the pregnancy while taking care of your health and baby as well.  Happy Journey 15 Weeks Pregnant Mother!

Pregnancy at Week 14

Congratulations! You are now in second trimester of your pregnancy. At 14 weeks pregnant many women experience full of spirit and less sicken. 

Many of the early pregnancy symptoms starts to become less intense. This is the time where you can perform some exercise to maintain your routine can feel the day good. 

How many months if you are at 14 weeks pregnant stage? 

You are in the 4th month of your pregnancy, if you are in 14 weeks of your journey. Now only 5 months left here. 

If you have still any questions or curiosity related to your pregnancy, then this blog for you. 

Growth of Baby Size during the 14 weeks

How big your baby is!

Your baby is the size of peach. He has length of 3.4 inches and weight is around 1.52oz. All internal organs of your baby have already formed during the first trimester. From this semester, organs are continuing maturing till he born.

Development of the your baby

Lanugo hairs

Newborns are covered with lanugo hairs. These are thin or soft hairs which covers whole body of the baby. This week your baby begins to grow these hairs and hairs on his head. These hairs help your baby to keep him warm.

Facial movements

During this week, your baby’s face muscles are start developing. The baby can now narrow his eyes and frown. Smiles will appear later. 

My baby doing

Your baby starts standing up straight. The neck is also getting longer, helping the head keep vertical.

  • He is obtaining all oxygen he required by means of the umbilical cord.
  • He starts practicing his breathing which will be an important skill for him when he is born.
  • Other important development in your baby will be the growth of the roof of his mouth and his intestines will begin to release meconium (which is the waste that will make up her first bowel movement after birth).
  • His eyebrows are also start developing this week.
  • Your baby’s arms starts lengthen and start become more proportional to the rest of his body.
  • The liver starting to produce bile, where the spleen is producing red blood cells.

Note: This is the ending of the first semester, decreasing the chances of miscarriage.

Challenges and Transformations to 14 Weeks Pregnant Mother and her Body

Physical transforms

The placenta of the baby at this time makes mainly pregnancy hormones, especially progesterone, which is accountable for many general bodily changes during pregnancy. These may contain more skin pigmentation, low blood pressure, constipation and can cause bleeding in gums or nose.

Metallic taste:

Some women observe unusual taste feelings during pregnancy, mostly a metallic-type taste. This material change normally not recognized by health checkups. But, natural therapists suppose it may possibly be due to toxins release in your body through the lymphatic system (your lymph glands carry and produce your body’s defense mechanisms against infection).


A lot of women tell about their unusual and fantastic food cravings during their pregnancy. These alterations are normal and may appear and disappear accordingly.

Other concerns related to the pregnancy

Can 14 weeks pregnant women can travel during pregnancy?

Various women move because of their job or for leisure. In some cases, a trip is planned to be home, or nearer to family and/or friends for the birth. Basically, travelling during pregnancy is not a trouble, but there are only some precautions to be attentive of, particularly when moving through long distances.

Pelvic base exercises:

The pelvic floor is a coated sheet of muscles that extend like a hammock from the pubic bone, at the face of the pelvis, to the tail bone at the back. These muscles control the passing urine, opening your bowels as well as supporting internal organs. This includes your increasing uterus and baby. During pregnancy progesterone calm down and weakens the pelvic floor, as a result every woman 0require to do pelvic floor exercises to sustain and strengthen these muscles.

Natural therapies:

Flower treatment and essence mean to take care of the mood and condition of mind. They deal with negative feelings and mental divergence with the aim to repair balance and harmony to make possible the body to heal itself. Flower therapy and essences are safe to use throughout pregnancy, labor and birth.

Common symptoms when you are 14 weeks pregnant

Cold and Cough:

As your early symptoms go off, the second trimester carries other new symptoms to take care of. One of these is more inclined to cold and flu. At this time, your immune system is weaker than earlier, but it is fine as it bring to an end from rejecting your foetus. Now there will be more possibility to get infection, so wash your hands properly.

Varicose veins:

These are enlarged, twisting and puffed-up blood vessels which appear blue or purple on your legs.  These occur when defective valves in the veins permit blood to flow in the wrong direction. You can reduce this effect by maintain your blood pressure around your legs by regular walking and exercise.

Breast enlargement:

Your breasts are now less tender, but these are still increasing. The areolas are continuing darken and nipples are looking unusual. This may be the right time to invest in maternity bra to keep you comfortable.

Round ligament pain:

Several 14 weeks pregnant women during this period of pregnancy experience round ligament pain. This pain is normal as your ligament keep supporting your womb, stretching and thinning out to make the space available for your increasing weight. 

This can be observed only during getting up and down, stretching or twisting. The good way to get some relax is by placing your feet in relaxed position.

Stuffy nose:

The elevated levels of oestrogen and progesterone make the mucous membranes in the body (including the nose) to swell up and soften. This can cause a stuffy nose, but rest of it, all normal.

Improved appetite:

Your feel more hunger than before, as you free from feeling sickness. But keep on with healthy diet all through your pregnancy. Avoid eating spicy and unhealthy snacks, no matter how much you crave for.


This can be the result from increased blood in your blood stream. You may feel tight with your rings; legs and ankles may be look like you have been travelling for long time. It is the time to avoid strappy shoes or heels. Try to refrain from standing for long time and raise your feet above your heart for at least an hour a day.

Some Tips for you in this 14 weeks 

Keep your sinuses healthy

It is not allergies; you may be more susceptible to sinus problems while expecting. To remove mucus, try applying a warm compress to your face, using a heater, or drinking lots of water.

Constipation relief

This is a common sign of pregnancy, but do not let it bother you. Constipation can be avoided by eating a diet high in fibre (such as fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains), drinking plenty of fluids, and engaging in regular physical activity.

Observe for any moles.

If you have skin moles, hormones may alter their appearance. If they become asymmetric, change colour, acquire an uneven border, grow larger than the size of a pencil eraser, or appear to be rising on the skin’s surface, you may wish to see a dermatologist.


Here we discuss many aspects of your journey of pregnancy. There are many tips to improve your pregnancy you can follow. 

Learn the 14 weeks pregnant symptoms and development of baby. To further know about the process, you can check the 15 weeks of pregnancy.

Pregnancy Week 13

Thirteen Weeks pregnant

What is 13 Weeks Pregnant in months?

If you’re at 13 weeks of your pregnancy, you’re at least 4 months pregnant. It is almost the end of the first trimester. 6 months are left there. If you still have questions, then here is some more information about your pregnancy.

13 Weeks Pregnant Baby Size and Growth

Size of the baby

Your baby is growing fast. Your fetus is the size of Meyer lemon this week.  Baby’s length is about 2.91 inches and his weight is around 0.81oz.

Development at this week

Upper part

The fetus is developing at good pace. Till this week, your baby’s head has been largest part of his body. But that is the point from where the change begins.

  • Your baby’s head is now about only 1/3 of his body. Eyes are moving into their positions.
  • Ankles and wrists have started forming.
  • Unique finger prints are now start locating on the tips of his fingers.
  • Kidneys and urinary tract are completely functional.
  • The soft hair called lanugo is covering your baby’s body.

Fetal growth rates

Don’t compare your fetus with other fetus. Growth of your baby will differ from other babies. Some develop faster than others, some are slowly.   But all they follow the same development path.

Baby’s intestines and vocal cords

Your baby’s intestines also start developing. Until now, these have been growing in a cavity inside the umbilical cord. But from this week, they have just located into their fixed place (the abdomen).

Vocal cords

From this week, your baby’s vocal cords are start developing. As sound can’t travel through your uterus, you will not be able to hear any sound or cries yet.

But after birth, these vocal cords will work properly for sure.


Your baby’s placenta will begin to grow up in good speed at this week. This will provide or feed your baby with all the nutrients he or she needs in your womb.

Mother Body at this 13 week of pregnancy

Body changes

For the majority of women this week is the most relaxed stage of their pregnancy. Yet this period can also bring its own physical changes. With that, changes of the first trimester still be there with you or it may linger until 20 weeks. 

Growing belly

You may start observe increase in belly size and with that you need to enlarge your clothing around your waist. Many women may feel fluffy rather than pregnant. From this point your baby grows rapidly and in the forthcoming weeks your belly will more out of your body.

Weight gain

Weight gain is obvious thing happened in pregnancy and many women anxious about gaining weight. How much you will gain weight is individual and personal matter. It varies with various factors. You can learn more about weight gain during pregnancy here>>.

Emotional alteration

This time you may experience some emotional changes as your baby is growing and belly expanding. How one feels about changes in body vary from person to person but normally everyone goes through some level of modification.

You may arrange some pampering sessions for yourself to relieve you from mood swings and body changes.

Pregnancy Symptoms

Increased sex drive

During this time you may feel increase in sex drive which is absolutely normal and is expected during this second trimester. Sex during pregnancy is safe until your doctor don’t suggest to avoid. Your baby is in the amniotic fluid and mucus block everything out of it.


Morning illness is known as one of the early pregnancy sign, but it can glue around in the second trimester. If you’re continued to feel like unwell, you’re likely heading down the home stretch by 13 weeks pregnant. If you don’t find you better in the after few weeks, consult with your healthcare.


Mostly pregnant women have heartburn problem especially in this trimester. If you are one of them then you should take six small meals rather than three heavy ones. You should also eat slowly and avoid spicy foods. Try to eat green vegetables and nutrients rich food.

Stretch marks

There may be red lines start appearing on your hips and breasts. In this case lotion may help you avoid these stretch marks and make you feel free. These lines fade after some time you give birth.

Further Considerations

Select childbirth classes

The childbirth classes can help you get ready for the delivery or giving birth to the child. But this normally not started until after 28 weeks of pregnancy. You can start looking for these classes from now, as they book quite earlier. Many hospitals also provide these classes and related sessions on parenting or breastfeeding.

Natural therapies

Naturopathy is a good way of life and health values based on the faith that the body has the skill to cure itself when you free of toxins which gather all the way through poor lifestyle practice.

The main goal of naturopathy is to encourage the body’s natural defences to hold stability and permit the body to function at its best. Naturopaths can also work with other natural therapies such as acupuncture, clinical nutrition, herbal medicine, and osteopathy.


In this blog post, we discussed almost all the points related to this 13 weeks pregnant. You can know further about your pregnancy just click at 14 weeks pregnancy