13 Weeks Pregnant

What is 13 Weeks Pregnant in months?

If you’re at 13 weeks of your pregnancy, you’re at least 4 months pregnant. It is almost the end of the first trimester. 6 months are left there. If you still have questions, then here is some more information about your pregnancy.

13 Weeks Pregnant Baby Size and Growth

Size of the baby

Your baby is growing fast. Your fetus is the size of Meyer lemon this week.  Baby’s length is about 2.91 inches and his weight is around 0.81oz.

Development at this week

Upper part

The fetus is developing at good pace. Till this week, your baby’s head has been largest part of his body. But that is the point from where the change begins.

  • Your baby’s head is now about only 1/3 of his body. Eyes are moving into their positions.
  • Ankles and wrists have started forming.
  • Unique finger prints are now start locating on the tips of his fingers.
  • Kidneys and urinary tract are completely functional.
  • The soft hair called lanugo is covering your baby’s body.

Fetal growth rates

Don’t compare your fetus with other fetus. Growth of your baby will differ from other babies. Some develop faster than others, some are slowly.   But all they follow the same development path.

Baby’s intestines and vocal cords

Your baby’s intestines also start developing. Until now, these have been growing in a cavity inside the umbilical cord. But from this week, they have just located into their fixed place (the abdomen).

Vocal cords

From this week, your baby’s vocal cords are start developing. As sound can’t travel through your uterus, you will not be able to hear any sound or cries yet.

But after birth, these vocal cords will work properly for sure.


Your baby’s placenta will begin to grow up in good speed at this week. This will provide or feed your baby with all the nutrients he or she needs in your womb.

Mother Body at this 13 week of pregnancy

Body changes

For the majority of women this week is the most relaxed stage of their pregnancy. Yet this period can also bring its own physical changes. With that, changes of the first trimester still be there with you or it may linger until 20 weeks. 

Growing belly

You may start observe increase in belly size and with that you need to enlarge your clothing around your waist. Many women may feel fluffy rather than pregnant. From this point your baby grows rapidly and in the forthcoming weeks your belly will more out of your body.

Weight gain

Weight gain is obvious thing happened in pregnancy and many women anxious about gaining weight. How much you will gain weight is individual and personal matter. It varies with various factors. You can learn more about weight gain during pregnancy here>>.

Emotional alteration

This time you may experience some emotional changes as your baby is growing and belly expanding. How one feels about changes in body vary from person to person but normally everyone goes through some level of modification.

You may arrange some pampering sessions for yourself to relieve you from mood swings and body changes.

Pregnancy Symptoms

Increased sex drive

During this time you may feel increase in sex drive which is absolutely normal and is expected during this second trimester. Sex during pregnancy is safe until your doctor don’t suggest to avoid. Your baby is in the amniotic fluid and mucus block everything out of it.


Morning illness is known as one of the early pregnancy sign, but it can glue around in the second trimester. If you’re continued to feel like unwell, you’re likely heading down the home stretch by 13 weeks pregnant. If you don’t find you better in the after few weeks, consult with your healthcare.


Mostly pregnant women have heartburn problem especially in this trimester. If you are one of them then you should take six small meals rather than three heavy ones. You should also eat slowly and avoid spicy foods. Try to eat green vegetables and nutrients rich food.

Stretch marks

There may be red lines start appearing on your hips and breasts. In this case lotion may help you avoid these stretch marks and make you feel free. These lines fade after some time you give birth.

Further Considerations

Select childbirth classes

The childbirth classes can help you get ready for the delivery or giving birth to the child. But this normally not started until after 28 weeks of pregnancy. You can start looking for these classes from now, as they book quite earlier. Many hospitals also provide these classes and related sessions on parenting or breastfeeding.

Natural therapies

Naturopathy is a good way of life and health values based on the faith that the body has the skill to cure itself when you free of toxins which gather all the way through poor lifestyle practice.

The main goal of naturopathy is to encourage the body’s natural defences to hold stability and permit the body to function at its best. Naturopaths can also work with other natural therapies such as acupuncture, clinical nutrition, herbal medicine, and osteopathy.


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