16 Weeks Pregnant

As you are now 16 weeks pregnant, you will across many exciting things going to happen in your way. 

In this week, you may have some check up visit there you will get to have chance to hear your baby’s heartbeat. 

Apart from that, kick of the baby can be more exciting that will probably begin this week. So ready for the new things going to happen in your journey. 

In addition to this, baby will start hearing your voice and you can also start a good conversation with baby.

16 weeks pregnant bump

How big is Your Baby at this week!

Your baby is now of the size of an avocado. Your fetus is of the length 4.57inches and his weight is around 3.53oz.


Baby’s doing

  • Fetus starts making facial expressions.
  • Able to hear things such as voices and music.
  • Hairlines start appearing.
  • Baby can place his head more firmly.

Developing taste buds: 

Your fetus is start developing his taste buds during this week. Tiny pores on the tongue are start developing. He starts tasting and eating salty amniotic fluid.


Your baby’s nails are starting to develop on his toes. Baby should be completely grown around 34 weeks.

Umbilical cord

The umbilical cord is now growing and developing. It normally has one vein and two arteries to keep baby growing and healthy. It is insulated by a thick cream.


Small bones are start developing in your baby’s ears. This helps your baby to hear your voice clearly.

Baby’s eyes

Your fetus eyes are finally start working during this week. Baby starts making small side to side movements. His eyes taking light and but the eyelids are still closed.

Facial expressions

Baby starts developing his facial muscles. Baby is capable of making a few expressive frowns and squints.

Changes in the 16 Weeks Pregnant Woman

Physical changes

Bending: During this time, if you try to lie down, then top of your uterus can be in the position halfway between your pubic bone and belly button. Now it is tough for you to bend down to pick and lift the things up. So it is good to use your legs to bend so it can support and guard your back.

Colostrum: There may be the chances that colostrum can leak from your breasts. But, this does not occur with every woman. The presence or absence of this colostrum hardly affects your ability of breastfeeding. This is the earliest fluid which the breast of the a woman releases. It is plain, smooth yellow and thick in uniformity.

If the leakage is occurring with you, then you required breast pads within your bra.

Natural Therapies for the Mother at this week

Chiropractic therapy: This treatment is used during pregnancy and after the delivery for getting rid of the back pain, pelvic ache, and symphysis pain and muscle contraction. It can be used to treat disturbed and irritated babies who have complicated birth due to this disorder in the mother body.

Osteopathy treatment: This healing action mostly used for neck and back pain. This is normally acted upon the small babies who have experienced difficult or discomfort birth. This gently directs the bones in the baby’s head.

Pregnancy Symptoms of 16 weeks pregnant woman

Here now you are in your second trimester, you may experience some better pregnancy signs. It may include thickness in hairs, fasting growing nails etc. Below are some changes you may experience during this week.

More glowing skin:

Due to increased blood flow and different hormone secretion such as chorionic gonadotropin many pregnant ladies appear shinier and amazing.

Acne or oily skin:

There may be other scenario with this hormone release. The same hormone which makes you glowing can also make your skin oily and cause acne. So before using acne relief products, consult your health care, as some of them may be unsafe for you and your baby.

Shortness in breathing:

With the releasing of progesterone, you may face some breathing problem repeatedly. As also the baby is growing more rapidly, it can be difficult for your lungs to take deep and full breath. It is good idea to take breaks or make things easier for you.

Stuffy nose:

This time you may experience your nose stuffier also known as pregnancy rhinitis. This symptom may affect women range from 18% to 42%. An increased estrogen makes your nasal passages puffed up and resultantly produced more mucus.

In this case you can use shower steam and elevate your head with more pillows while sleeping. You can use saline nose drops or can clear your nasal passages.

Your Life at this week

Embrace changes:

You are now in fourth month of your pregnancy. The time is just going like flying bird in the sky or crawling down on the ground. You have faced many changes and signs in those past weeks. Some make you feel better and other put you in anxious or difficulty. But it is good to embrace all the challenges and alteration because all they are leading to a clear path towards your destiny (baby). 

Meditation and yoga:

Meditation is the most used and trending way to get stability in these conditions. A consistent meditation and yoga can help you in reducing stress and anxiety created due to irregular changes during pregnancy. This small contribution towards this initiative can make a huge difference in your life.


Within the next few weeks, you start feeling movement of your baby in your stomach. This movement called quickening. It may feel like gas bubble or slightly waving. But it is occurred regularly, so you now know that it is your baby.

Mom-to-be: Within the next few weeks, you may start to feel your baby move, called “quickening.” It often feels like a gas bubble or subtle flutter movement. As it happens

Tip for 16 Weeks Pregnant this week:

Your leg veins can swell up more at this week. You may need supporting stockings, so you can lift your feet up whenever you want. You can exercise to regulate your blood flow.


Here in this article you get the information of 16 weeks pregnant journey. If you want to know details of journey of next week then you can visit pregnancyweekmonth blog.

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