14 Weeks Pregnant

Congratulations! You are now in second trimester of your pregnancy. At 14 weeks pregnant many women experience full of spirit and less sicken. 

Many of the early pregnancy symptoms starts to become less intense. This is the time where you can perform some exercise to maintain your routine can feel the day good.

14 weeks pregnant in months? 

You are in the 4th month of your pregnancy, if you are in 14 weeks of your journey. Now only 5 months left here. 

If you have still any questions or curiosity related to your pregnancy, then this blog for you. 

Growth of Baby 

How big your baby is!

Your baby is the size of peach. He has length of 3.4 inches and weight is around 1.52oz. All internal organs of your baby have already formed during the first trimester. From this semester, organs are continuing maturing till he born.

Development of the your baby

Lanugo hairs

Newborns are covered with lanugo hairs. These are thin or soft hairs which covers whole body of the baby. This week your baby begins to grow these hairs and hairs on his head. These hairs help your baby to keep him warm.

Facial movements

During this week, your baby’s face muscles are start developing. The baby can now narrow his eyes and frown. Smiles will appear later. 

My baby doing

Your baby starts standing up straight. The neck is also getting longer, helping the head keep vertical.

  • He is obtaining all oxygen he required by means of the umbilical cord.
  • He starts practicing his breathing which will be an important skill for him when he is born.
  • Other important development in your baby will be the growth of the roof of his mouth and his intestines will begin to release meconium (which is the waste that will make up her first bowel movement after birth).
  • His eyebrows are also start developing this week.
  • Your baby’s arms starts lengthen and start become more proportional to the rest of his body.
  • The liver starting to produce bile, where the spleen is producing red blood cells.

Note: This is the ending of the first semester, decreasing the chances of miscarriage.

Challenges and Transformations to 14 Weeks Pregnant Mother and her Body

Physical transforms

The placenta of the baby at this time makes mainly pregnancy hormones, especially progesterone, which is accountable for many general bodily changes during pregnancy. These may contain more skin pigmentation, low blood pressure, constipation and can cause bleeding in gums or nose.

Metallic taste:

Some women observe unusual taste feelings during pregnancy, mostly a metallic-type taste. This material change normally not recognized by health checkups. But, natural therapists suppose it may possibly be due to toxins release in your body through the lymphatic system (your lymph glands carry and produce your body’s defense mechanisms against infection).


A lot of women tell about their unusual and fantastic food cravings during their pregnancy. These alterations are normal and may appear and disappear accordingly.

Other concerns related to the pregnancy

Can 14 weeks pregnant women can travel during pregnancy?

Various women move because of their job or for leisure. In some cases, a trip is planned to be home, or nearer to family and/or friends for the birth. Basically, travelling during pregnancy is not a trouble, but there are only some precautions to be attentive of, particularly when moving through long distances.

Pelvic base exercises:

The pelvic floor is a coated sheet of muscles that extend like a hammock from the pubic bone, at the face of the pelvis, to the tail bone at the back. These muscles control the passing urine, opening your bowels as well as supporting internal organs. This includes your increasing uterus and baby. During pregnancy progesterone calm down and weakens the pelvic floor, as a result every woman 0require to do pelvic floor exercises to sustain and strengthen these muscles.

Natural therapies:

Flower treatment and essence mean to take care of the mood and condition of mind. They deal with negative feelings and mental divergence with the aim to repair balance and harmony to make possible the body to heal itself. Flower therapy and essences are safe to use throughout pregnancy, labor and birth.

Common symptoms when you are 14 weeks pregnant

Cold and Cough:

As your early symptoms go off, the second trimester carries other new symptoms to take care of. One of these is more inclined to cold and flu. At this time, your immune system is weaker than earlier, but it is fine as it bring to an end from rejecting your foetus. Now there will be more possibility to get infection, so wash your hands properly.

Varicose veins:

These are enlarged, twisting and puffed-up blood vessels which appear blue or purple on your legs.  These occur when defective valves in the veins permit blood to flow in the wrong direction. You can reduce this effect by maintain your blood pressure around your legs by regular walking and exercise.

Breast enlargement:

Your breasts are now less tender, but these are still increasing. The areolas are continuing darken and nipples are looking unusual. This may be the right time to invest in maternity bra to keep you comfortable.

Round ligament pain:

Several 14 weeks pregnant women during this period of pregnancy experience round ligament pain. This pain is normal as your ligament keep supporting your womb, stretching and thinning out to make the space available for your increasing weight. 

This can be observed only during getting up and down, stretching or twisting. The good way to get some relax is by placing your feet in relaxed position.

Stuffy nose:

The elevated levels of oestrogen and progesterone make the mucous membranes in the body (including the nose) to swell up and soften. This can cause a stuffy nose, but rest of it, all normal.

Improved appetite:

Your feel more hunger than before, as you free from feeling sickness. But keep on with healthy diet all through your pregnancy. Avoid eating spicy and unhealthy snacks, no matter how much you crave for.


This can be the result from increased blood in your blood stream. You may feel tight with your rings; legs and ankles may be look like you have been travelling for long time. It is the time to avoid strappy shoes or heels. Try to refrain from standing for long time and raise your feet above your heart for at least an hour a day.

Some Tips for you in this 14 weeks 

Keep your sinuses healthy

It is not allergies; you may be more susceptible to sinus problems while expecting. To remove mucus, try applying a warm compress to your face, using a heater, or drinking lots of water.

Constipation relief

This is a common sign of pregnancy, but do not let it bother you. Constipation can be avoided by eating a diet high in fibre (such as fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains), drinking plenty of fluids, and engaging in regular physical activity.

Observe for any moles.

If you have skin moles, hormones may alter their appearance. If they become asymmetric, change colour, acquire an uneven border, grow larger than the size of a pencil eraser, or appear to be rising on the skin’s surface, you may wish to see a dermatologist.


Here we discuss many aspects of your journey of pregnancy. There are many tips to improve your pregnancy you can follow. 

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