15 Weeks Pregnant

This week, the baby of 15 weeks Pregnant woman starting to take the shape. During this week, you can also improve your morning sickness symptoms.

But you can face some other signs, such as bleeding gums. Let’s know more about this pregnancy at week 15.

15 weeks pregnant in months?

You are now in the second trimester of your pregnancy. You are in the 5th month of pregnancy. Here is complete information regarding your pregnancy.


Size of the baby

How big is Your Baby at this week?

Your baby is about the size of an apple. The baby is 3.98 inches long and he weighs around 2.47 oz.


How much development!

Your baby’s skin is still very thin. The blood vessels can be observed through the skin. The baby’s ears are still growing externally and more identifiable this week.

  • The eyes are shifting its positions, moving towards the nose from the sides of the head. Eyes are now become more sensitive to light, although they remained closed.
  • Baby’s bones are becoming hard, it can be observed by seeing x-ray of the bones.
  • Ears are now well positioned on the sides of his head.


Your fetus has started daily aerobics classes such as kicking, twisting toes and moving little arms and legs.

But you would not be able to feel these movements occurring in your abdominal.


Your fetus is practicing breathing, sucking and swallowing (eating, or drinking). These are all skills to survive in the world out of your womb.

These activities you would not feel yet. But all they are occurring in your body.


During this week, your fetus is able to hear sounds hided from outside world, sounds of your digestive system, your voice and the heartbeat.


During this week, your baby can move all his joints and practicing, moving around here and there.

15 Weeks Pregnant Mother and her Body

Physical Changes

Pains and cramping:

With the growing of your uterus and increase in baby’s movements, you may feel some weird and wonderful feelings. This may range from stretching to mild cramping with tugging and pulling.

Aches and pains can produce unfamiliar feelings within your body. If this pain is not  severe and no bleeding is there coupled with it, then it is normal.

Emotional reactions:

There may be some changes at mental and physical level. You may experience some unknown feelings during your pregnancy.

Other considerations

Natural therapy

Iridology: Iridology is the natural therapy from the times of Hippocrates (about 400BC). This therapy is used to diagnose diseases by studying the iris of the eye i.e.  Colored part of the eye. Since the iris is an unique as your fingerprints and it is considered to reflect the health of your body’s organs and glands.

Symptoms of 15 Weeks Pregnant Woman

At this week of pregnancy, since your body is making extra blood to have room for your growing baby. You may notice slight bleeding from your nose and gums.

Here are some of the pregnant symptoms you may experience.

Nose bleeding:

Your body is producing a lot of extra blood. This may cause to extra bleeding than normal.

Swollen gums:

 This extra blood quantity can also build your gums further more sensitive. You can switch to a softer toothbrush. It’s in fact essential to pay attention towards your teeth and gums now. Since pregnancy increase the possibility of gum disease. So don’t ignore your expected dental visits.

Pregnancy checkup at this week

There are some tests that you should have at the starting of this15 weeks, and you’ll have some options to choose. You have to choose from below one or two of these possible tests:

Quad display:

 This test detect hormones and proteins in your blood to find out the baby’s risk of having a neural tube defect, Down disorder or other genetic condition. It generally take place between 15 weeks and 20 weeks.


The amino exists between 15 weeks and 20 week. This can in fact identify neural tube defects, Down syndrome or other genetic conditions with 99% accuracy. It’s more invasive, as amniotic fluid required to be taken.

Tip of the Week:

  • Start practicing to nap on your left side; this can cause your circulation better in this condition.
  • You can try to place cushion at the your back and stuck between your legs. Some pregnancy pillows hold your entire body.

Fun Fact:

Your heart accurately grows throughout your pregnancy. It increases about 12% more than it is actual.


If you are in the this stage of pregnancy, then this blog can be helpful for you. If you are excited to learn how the things will work for you in the next week. You can visit this blog Pregnancyweekmonth.

Enjoy the pregnancy while taking care of your health and baby as well.  Happy Journey 15 Weeks Pregnant Mother!

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