6 Yoga Poses to Avoid while pregnant

Searching for the yoga poses to avoid during pregnancy? Here are 6 Yoga Poses to Avoid while pregnant.

Yoga becomes more important when it comes to take care of two person at a time. Nowadays women are aware of their health and fitness.

Yoga has played crucial role when taking healthy measures in the comfort of the home. But some of the poses are not fine to continue with your pregnancy journey.

Here are below 6 Yoga poses to avoid while Pregnant.


Gentle backbends can give healing effects to the pregnant mother but deep backbends must avoid. It may put unnecessary pressure on the muscle of lower back. This may include such as Bow and wheel pose. You can includes bridge and camel pose.

Abdominal postures:

Avoid Position that puts your belly down or increase the pressure on the abdominal part. Poses includes such as cobra pose or locust. It can be harmful for your fetus as baby is just the size of lentils.

Change these postures with the cat and cow pose. But when you step into second & third trimester strictly avoid the lie down on belly asana.

Crunches and boat pose also the core workouts that compresses the abdominal region. But you can do other core exercises that can help you in strengthening the back muscles.

Twisting postures:

When you do the asana that includes twisting and folding, it squeeze the abdomen deeply. Postures such as twisting chair, revolved triangle and seated folding. It can adversely affect your fetus or baby inside the womb.

Open twists on the other hand are acceptable that do not compress your belly & not disturb the fetus.

Holding the breathing:

It is good to have deep breathing instead of holding the breath during yoga. Kumbhak techniques widely used in the pranayama to make it effective. These must be avoided.

Also the poses that require fast breathing pattern such breath of fire (bhastrika pranayama). These kind of asana can increase the temperature of the body that is not suitable for baby.

Inversion poses:

Poses that makes blood flow towards the head should strictly refrain from practice. As it can make shortage of blood supply to the baby and you may feel the dizziness or nausea.

There is also risk of falling to the belly part and injury to the body.

Lie down on back postures:

Position in which your back muscles get pressure must avoid during second and third trimester.

In this time, your baby and uterus is developing considerably. So it is good to having no extra pressure on vena cava vein that provides the blood from lower body to heart.

If done then you can have dizziness or low blood pressure while doing any activity.

Note for readers:

If you are new to this journey of yoga, then go smoothly with the process. There are many techniques that will support your pregnancy majorly.

First listen to your body while doing any workout. This can be the most powerful hack that can be keep you in track.


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