7 Weeks Pregnant

Let’s gain more and more information about your pregnancy when you are 7 weeks pregnant.

In this blog, we will get to know what kind of symptoms and conditions you will face with the development of the baby during this week.

Baby at this week

Your baby is now about the size of a small blueberry. The baby’s length is about 0.5 inches and his weight is around 0.04 oz.

Most of the growth occurs around the head this week. as new brain cells are produced at a rate of 100 per minute.

Growth of the body

Your baby is now about the size of a small blueberry. The baby’s length is about 0.5 inches and his weight is around 0.04 oz. Most of the growth occurred around the head this week. as new brain cells are produced at a rate of 100 per minute.

New brain cells forming

New cells in your baby’s brain are starting to grow, which results in a mature brain. Your baby is now 10,000 times bigger than he was at conception a month ago.

Eyes and their parts

During this week, the main parts of your baby’s eyes are starting to grow. The cornea, iris, pupil, lens, and retina are going to develop this week. These parts will be fully developed a few weeks later.

Mouth and its parts

Like other parts, your baby’s mouth and stomach also start to develop this week. The tongue and oesophagus have also begun to grow.

The Baby’s arms and legs start developing

Your baby’s limb buds are emerging into its organs. His arm and leg buds are starting to grow, becoming longer and stronger.

These buds are further divided into hand, arm, and shoulder parts, as well as leg, knee, and foot sections.

Baby’s other organs

Your baby’s other important organs are starting to appear, such as the kidneys, liver, and pancreas.

Kidneys quickly begin their waste management work.

7 Weeks Pregnant Mother

Because your body changes so quickly during pregnancy, it’s hard to tell if the new pain or illness is “good,” or if you should call your doctor or go to the emergency room.

Take a look at our list of symptoms when you are 7 weeks pregnant that you should never overlook.

Additionally, keep in mind the truth of the matter: if you are concerned, follow your gut and seek advice. 

Regular urination

Your urination is more regular than before this week. This is all because of the pregnancy hormone hCG, which is increasing the blood flow to your pelvic area.

But always keep drinking, even with these toilet trips. Because your body and your baby require the most essential amount of water.

Swollen breasts

Many women have grown their breasts to a full cup size by the seventh week of their pregnancy.

This is good if they weren’t creating any kind of tenderness or ache.

  • Some hormones are to blame for this condition of the breast and more blood flow to it.
  • You may also observe the areola (the dark area around the nipple), which is getting darker and larger.
  • It also has little goose-bump-like spots.
  • There are sweat glands too that provide lubrication for all the important changes when you start breastfeeding.

Glowy complexion

You may also be able to see your skin better and glowing than ever. Your hair is shinier than before your pregnancy.

These changes are all because of the additional oestrogen every pregnant mother makes in her body.

Morning sickness:

Over 80% of women experience some kind of nausea or morning sickness in the early days of pregnancy, and about half have some vomiting too.

  • This morning sickness generally goes away by the second trimester. It doesn’t just happen in the morning, but it can happen at any time of day during the first trimester to any mother.
  • Keep trying to make your symptoms controllable by eating smaller, more frequent meals and drinking sufficient water in small sips all day long.
  • And avoid lying down right after eating.


Fatigue or tiredness can hit you hard in this early time of pregnancy, and there are not many options for you to do something about it.

Try to keep your energy levels at a good level by eating healthy food and (every few hours) drinking ample water.

Practice daily exercise and allow yourself to sleep on the weekend, or you can get a tiny nap when you can.


  • The pregnancy hormone progesterone slows down some functions in the body, including digestion.
  • Extra digestion time lets you make extra gas, which further makes
  • You are more likely to get bloated.
  • To avoid all these conditions, try to keep a limit on carbonated drinks and avoid fatty or fried foods.
  • You can also eat smaller meals (but eat more often), drink plenty of water, and eat slowly with sufficient chewing of the food.

Excess saliva:

This is a real pregnancy sign that not everyone notices. Your mouth is watering more these days.

It is said by the doctors that this excess saliva saves your mouth and throat from the frustrating stomach acids that hit you during this first trimester.

Drinking lots of water and using mouthwash can avoid this situation.

Life of 7 Weeks Pregnant Mother

Water tip

As we all know, water is essential for all humans to survive. In some ways, it also plays an important role in every human formation.

Hence, it supports the baby’s development.

  • This can also ease or improve many pregnancy symptoms, such as tiredness, headaches, and other irritating signs.
  • Carrying a water bottle with you everywhere will remind you to get hydrated.

Tips for making pregnancy better

There are some tips to make your pregnancy better.

  • Eat small meals during your pregnancy.
  • Take proper rest, and nap throughout the day.
  • Smell lemons or ginger, drink lemonade or eat watermelon to relieve nausea.
  • Chewing ginger can help you keep away from nausea.
  • Eat salty potato chips. They have been shown to calm stomachs sufficiently to allow you to eat a meal.
  • Do not skip meals or lie down after eating.
  • Avoid cooking or eating spicy food.
  • Take vitamin B6 (50mg) daily.
  • Never let your stomach get wholly empty. This can avoid feeling queasy. 
  • Keep snacks on hand right around the clock and eat lots of little meals rather than three big ones.
  • To put a stop to dropping blood sugar levels, eat some protein, such as adding cheese to your nuts.


I hope this blog is helpful for you when you are 7 weeks pregnant.

After reading this article, you have enough information about your baby’s growth, what signs you will encounter and tips for a better pregnancy.

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