The Best Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy Pillow: Pregnancy is quite exhausting on the body. As your first, second, and third trimesters continue, physiological inconveniences are common to occur.

This can make having a decent night’s sleep nearly hard, particularly when you are unable to rest on your tummy or back.

However, maintaining a full night’s sleep is just as essential, if not more so, throughout pregnancy

Pregnancy Pillow

A pregnancy pillow can provide required comfort to sleep-deprived pregnant women. 

These customized pillows are meant to support your growing belly while also improving the expert suggested side sleeping posture.

We will consider the different shapes and positions for a pregnancy pillow, as well as how to pick the one that is right for you.

What is a Pregnancy Pillow?

A pregnancy cushion is a kind of sleep item that is intended to facilitate pregnant women’s developing bodies, assist them in achieving a comfortable sitting posture, and help them sleep better.

Pregnancy is really strenuous on the body, particularly as the pregnancy proceeds.

Extra weight frequently places pressure on the back and joints, particularly the hips, knees, and ankles. This can result in pain and discomfort, making it difficult to get a good nights sleep.

The pregnancy pillow is custom-made to fit the outlines of the changing body and provide assistance where it is most required.

Which is the Best Pregnancy Cushion?

Just like every other form of a pillow, what fits somebody else won’t always work for you.

Finding the ideal pillow generally entails some guesswork; you could choose a wedge over a body pillow, or memory foam over bamboo fill.

Fortunately, there are plenty of various possibilities. Usually, pillows can be classified by shape, with various shapes fulfilling various requirements. Here’s a guideline.

Best Pregnancy Pillow:

Leachco Snoogle Chic Supreme

  • This pregnancy pillow is mostly used as it covers and supports the entire body.
  • Unlike other pillows, it is not wrapped in one direction but wraps your entire body. It involves both sides, from back to belly.
  • There is much space that provides enough room in the shoulder and hip area of the body.
Pros Covers completely around your body, front and back.
Cons The cover might be difficult to remove, and the material is not completely even throughout.

Pregnancy Pillow Wedge:

  • Wedge pillows have been the most portable form of pillows for pregnant women.
  • While they don’t provide complete support, you may use such affordable pillows to carefully strengthen different portions of your body.
  • All those are extremely beneficial for giving assistance to your stomach and back. You can also combine one or more wedge pillows with a bigger pregnant pillow for extra assistance.

Bobby Wedge Pregnancy pillow –

If you are looking for a pillow that takes up no space in your bed, then Bobby Wedge is the best choice.

You can use it whenever you need support as it is small and lightweight compact.

Pros Portable design; cover is easily washable.
Cons In comparison to other maternity pillows, this one is smaller and does not bend across your body.

Pregnancy Pillow C-Shape:

  • This design of cushion is large, slender, and curled. The C-shape is among the most flexible kinds of pregnancy pillows.
  • It’s not particularly heavy and its design allows you to place it in numerous ways based on where you would need assistance.
  • You may stretch it out horizontally to make a full-length pillow to hug during side resting. or fold it in half and then use it to bolster your belly, back, joints and shoulders.

PharMeDoc Full Body C-Shaped Pillow –

This is the pillow that provides cover from back to front that helps in supporting the upper and lower body.

You can wrap it around your body while seated.

Pros Wrap around your complete body.
Cons After prolonged use, the product becomes bumpy.

Pregnancy Pillow U-Shape:

  • U-shaped cushions are made in such a way that they cradle your complete body.
  • This design of cushion, with your head at the centre of the U, gives stable comfort for your neck and shoulders, including both parts of your body.
  • Despite being somewhat heavy, the U-shape structure retains considerable adaptability.
  • You can sleep soundly on your back in the early weeks of pregnancy and afterwards shift to the side resting with wonderful support for your belly, shoulder, and knees.

Meiz U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow –

This U shape is one of the most preferred kinds of pregnancy pillows. It not only supports the growing bump but also other parts of the body such as the back, knees, hips and sides.

Pros Lightweight, arranged in a U, multi-purpose
Cons Bunches in areas

Best Oversized Pregnancy Pillow:

Queen Rose Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

  • Queen Rose, again a U-shaped pregnancy pillow, is distinguished by its ability to modify into a double C shape for further leg support.
  • Because it is far larger than the majority of pregnancy pillows on the marketplace, it is best suited to be used in a king-sized mattress.
  • Even though it is meant for side sleeping, you may set it in any way you really want to ensure that you are comfortable while resting back watching Videos or sitting vertically feeding your beautiful child.
Pros Very smooth, well-preserves its fluffy shape, suitable for side sleepers.
Cons Too large for some couples sleeping together

Best Lightweight Pregnancy Pillow:

Belly Bandit S.O.S. Sleep-On-Side Pregnancy Pillow

  • This may be the best alternative for you if you are a remarkably less sleeping person.
  • This doctor-suggested maternity pillow from the famous pregnancy company Belly Bandit gives back, side, and belly assistance.
  • It occupies significantly less room than a standard pregnant cushion, measuring approximately one foot broad and weighing 1.25 pounds, but does not provide the lower body with any support that many products do.
  • If you are searching for some kind of extra assistance while sleeping, this may be the safest alternative.
Pros Extremely space-efficient, the design resists turning over.
Cons Less comfortable and supplies no protection for the lower body.

Most Affordable Pregnancy Pillow

Room Essentials Body Pillow

  • If you are searching for a pregnancy pillow that does not shout “pregnancy pillow,” this one fits that description.
  • It is a simple body cushion that gives sufficient support for a developing belly of a pregnant woman. Sometimes it lacks the shapes and curves of a pregnancy-specific body cushion, but it could still assist your back, legs, and belly.
  • It measures 52 inches long and weighs 2.58 pounds, making it a moderate cushion.
  • The major community related to pregnant women recommends purchasing two of these simple pillows — one for your upper and the other for your back.
Pros More economical than other pregnant pillows; can be used as a regular body cushion after the baby is born.
Cons It lacks the structural framework that standard pregnant pillows provide.


We here in this blog, look at the best pregnancy pillow for pregnant women. You can choose any of the above as per your comfort level.


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