Various positions While Sleeping with Pregnancy Pillow

Sleeping with Pregnancy Pillow: Are you the person who is facing difficulty in sleeping as your pregnancy journey proceeds? But do not worry! you are not the only person, as per the survey of the National Sleep Foundation, 78% of pregnant women suffer this.

As we know, every problem has a solution, and the solution for this condition is a pregnancy pillow. This makes woman comfortable to sleep and help to alleviate the body’s aches and pain.

However, to get the best out of this pregnancy pillow, you must know how to use a pregnancy pillow while sleeping.

Different positions while sleeping with Pregnancy Pillow

The best way to use a pregnancy pillow totally depends upon what type of pillow you choose.

There are many types of maternity pillows, you can opt for any of them according to your needs and situations.

Let’s see here some of the ways to use this pregnancy pillow:

U- Shaped Pillow

Frustrated with the limitations that arrive with a C-shaped pillow? Then you should try purchasing a U-shaped model.

U-shaped pillows are the most comfortable of the kind since they give the maximum level of assistance protection for your entire, offering support for your neck and head, knees, ankles, spine, and stomach.

Thus, U-shaped cushions are frequently more comprehensive and more pricey than other maternity cushion varieties.

Congrats on their capacity to support your back and tummy at the same time.

U-shaped cushions are perfect for women who twist and flip during sleep, but unlike a C-shaped pillow, you will not have to switch this one.

Furthermore, this unusual form also makes them perfect for back sleepers since it gives ample support to lift the body from both sides.

Important Note: Many experts recommend sleeping on your side, particularly on your left side, throughout pregnancy.

How to use U-shaped Pregnancy Pillow?

As we above read a U-shaped Pregnancy Pillow can be more comfortable for the side sleepers which shifts many times while sleeping.

You can wrap this pillow around your whole body especially your back and stomach.

C- Shaped Pillow

C-shaped pillows include big curved cushions that can provide additional assistance along one direction, with overflow comfort for the head and pelvis. While sleeping on your side, these cushions wrap throughout your shape, helping your spine, head, neck, and stomach area.

If you are looking for a body pillow that offers targeted support to all major trouble spots, a C-shaped cushion is one of the finest choices. Additionally, their considerable support makes them a good alternative for addressing ankle and leg fluid retention.

Unfortunately, one negative aspect of C-shaped pillows is that, due to their design, you must flip the pad each time you change sides.

On the other hand, the pillow’s distinctive form helps maintain you in place all through the night, making it a great alternative for females who are not familiar with lying on their side.

What Is the Best Way to Use a C-Shaped Pillow?

Fold the pillow around your back, by using one side to assist your head and neck and the other one in between your legs to help your pelvic region.

However, you can curl the cushion across your front to assist your stomach rather than your back.

Wedge-Shaped Pillow

Wedge cushions are just little triangular-shaped or crescent-shaped pillows that you can use as supports for additional stability.

Due to their small, compact size, crescent pads are the most adaptable of the kind, as you may use them to address certain areas of the body.

They also are relatively affordable, with many of these alternatives selling for about 50 bucks.

You can use wedge cushions to support your head, tummy, back, or afterwards as additional assistance while feeding your infant.

Using wedges, the only restriction to their use is your creativity, and it is not tough to perceive why they are a preferred alternative with pregnant and ordinary citizens equally.

How to Sleep Properly with a Wedge-Shaped Pillow?

Prop for the Tummy: For expectant mothers, one of the most advantageous usage wedges is to hold the underside of the tummy while sleeping on your side.

This arrangement can significantly boost comfort and spine alignment. However, during the later weeks of pregnancy, choose a pillow with a somewhat sharp curve to prevent lifting your belly too high.

Under the Head: Here this situation can significantly assist pregnant ladies who suffer from digestive problems and indigestion. Beneath your normal pillow, place a wedge with the high side at the crown of your head and the slope continuing over your neck and shoulders.

This position elevates your head and neck somewhat vertically, considerably decreasing the possibility of acid reflux.

J Shaped Pillow

A J-shaped pillow is a U-shaped cushion with a side removed. Therefore, these cushions provide comparable features to the U-shaped cushion, the only exception being that you may assist your spine and tummy simultaneous with this alternative.

Because a J-shaped is really half the length of a U-shaped cushion, they are often much shorter and more appropriate with even more confined mattresses and resting with a spouse.

How to Sleep Properly with a J-Shaped Pillow?

With the J-shaped pillow, there are two possibilities how you can use this pillow:

Between Your Legs: You can hold the pillow between your legs, with either leg on above and the other below it, to give assistance for your stomach.

Use for Back: Additionally, you can also use the pillow against your spine as a support, giving assistance and aiding in retaining you in posture all through the night by stopping you from turning over.

Full-Length Pillows

Full-length pillows are similar to standard pillows except that they are longer. These pillows work in a similar way to a wedge since they are extremely adaptable that might be used everywhere you require the strongest evidence.

How to Sleep Properly with a full-length Pillow?

Although full-length cushions can also be used to support any portion of the body, one of the most common methods expectant mothers use is to elevate the stomach by embracing the surface with one leg above and one leg below.

Inflatable Pillows

Resting on your belly is extremely difficult during pregnancy, particularly in the later stages. Inflatable pillows, on the other hand, offer assistance for females who lie down on their tummies.

These air-filled cushions act as a supplementary coating on the surface of your mattress. This reduces tension on your stomach during belly resting.

Inflatable pillows feature a doughnut-shaped hole in the middle that wraps around your tummy. This protects you from putting your body weight on them.

But, we do not advise using an inflated cushion throughout your second or third trimester. Rather than that, attempt encouraging yourself to sleep on your side with a C- or U-shaped pillow.

How to Sleep Properly with a Inflatable Pillows?

Rest on your tummy and fit your stomach into the doughnut hole given. 

Sleeping with Pregnancy Pillow – Frequently Asked Questions

When to buy pregnancy pillow for start sleeping in your Pregnancy?

In first Trimester, you can buy the flat pillow required for areas you need support.  But after that you should upgrade the pillow types from the late second to third trimester. 

Is it ohk to sleep on your back while pregnant?

It may be stressful for your back as weight of growing baby is totally on your spine, intestines and on your vena cava (large vein that carries deoxygenated blood from the lower body to heart).


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