11 Weeks Pregnant

11 weeks pregnant in Months?

In that case, if you’re in 11 weeks, then you 3rd month pregnant. Only 6 months are there. Still have issues? Here’s some more information about your pregnancy this week.

About baby


The size of the baby is more like a fig. From that point forward, until the 20th week, the baby’s weight and length will triple. Her/his length is about 1.61 inches and his weight is around 0.25 oz.


This is another week of big growth. Your doctor uses a Doppler stethoscope. Through this, the doctor can hear the fast “swooshing” noises of the heartbeat. Your baby’s genital (or sex organ) is still forming. But sex cannot be detected by ultrasound yet.

Fingers and toes

By this week of your pregnancy, your baby has developed a different human uniqueness. It can be seen in the hands and feet of his body. The baby has individual fingers and toes on his hands and feet.

Ears and nose

Ears are now in their proper shape. There will be open nasal passages on the tip of his tiny nose. With all this growth, the tongue and palate in the mouth, and visible nipples are also developing.

Hair follicles

Hair follicles form not just on the head part, but on the other parts of the body as well. What actually makes you look like a human being?


On the other hand, fingernail and toenail buds began to grow this week. From next week, the nails themselves will grow.

Baby’s position

By this time, your baby’s body is set straight up and his chest or upper body is broadening.


From this week, your foetus starts to inhale and exhale a small quantity of amniotic fluid. This fluid helps your baby grow and develop his lungs.


Your Body:

  • Uterus growth:

Your uterus starts expanding and rising out of your pelvic bones. You may feel the top of the uterus, called the fundus. This you can observe, possibly after 10 weeks if this is not your first pregnancy or you are carrying twins or more. 

  • Body temperature:

This time you may experience an increase in body temperature and metabolism by 20%. It may cause more heat and an increase in blood flow. Your skin may feel more heat and make you sweat more. In the summer, clothing in layers can help you beat the temperature variation. Make sure not to overheat while exercising.

  • Emotional reactions:

Some women experience that their emotions are still fragile. They continue to experience a few random changes in their moods.

During this time, you should try to connect with this beautiful nature and its creator (God). It can help you gain some stability in your mind.

Pregnancy Symptoms

Your body and mind may feel more tired and exhausted by this week. It may be difficult for you to feel calm since your hormones are very intense and furious.

But the good thing is that you are at the end of this struggling week. Here is more information about your pregnancy week.


You can feel some lowering of your energy during this time also. You can compensate for it by getting some extra rest.

Leg cramps:

Painful muscles can hit you at night and can cause disturbances in your sleep.

You can avoid this situation by drinking a sufficient amount of water. Make sure to have a healthy diet containing enough potassium and magnesium. 

Skin darkening around belly:

Skin darkening around the belly can surprise you. And that can put you into thinking, “What’s the dark line down the centre of my belly and how is it there?”

But there is nothing to worry about, as it is also a normal pregnancy symptom called linea nigra. Hormonal changes may be the reason for these lines, but they are temporary. You may observe this for some days after delivery also. 

Vaginal discharge:

You might probably spend some money on your pant liners. There may be an increase in discharge and you can expect it throughout your pregnancy. 

And women who are 11 weeks pregnant with twins can experience much more elevation in their hormones. It means they may observe almost double the number of symptoms, such as weight gain and discharge, etc. 

Morning sickness:

There might be still morning sickness and nauseousness during this week. These pregnancy hormones are doing their work regularly this week also. The good thing is that it is going to be over after some weeks. 

Frequent urination:

Now again, it is your pregnancy hormones that are causing an increase in your blood flow. This builds the pressure around your bladder and causes more trips to the bathroom. 

Stuffy nose:

There is another hormonal change that can cause your nasal passage to become blocked. This is estrogen, which can make you extra sniffly in your nose this week.


I hope that this article will be helpful for you if you are finding for the things for 11 weeks pregnant Mother.

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