12 Weeks Pregnant

12 weeks pregnant is how many months ?

If you’re in week 12 of your pregnancy, then you’re in the 3rd month of your pregnancy. Only 6 months are left over there. If you still have questions, then this blog post is for you and will give you information about your pregnancy.

What is the 12 weeks pregnant baby size?


Your baby is now doubled in size and about the size of a plum. His body length is about 2.13 inches and his body weight is 0.49 oz.

It is tough to imagine, particularly from the outside. Since then, it has not appeared at this point.


Baby’s digestive system

This week may be a life-changing point for your baby. This week, the extraordinary task of growing new bodily parts is almost to its end. In the past few weeks, most of your baby’s body systems have been completely formed. though there are some systems still developing.

White blood cells and pituitary gland

The bone marrow is active in forming white blood cells that act as weapons that will protect your baby against the infection.

The pituitary gland in the brain has almost begun releasing the hormones that will make your foetus one day make her own babies.

Fetal heartbeat

This is almost the end of the first trimester. If you have a parental check-up this week, then you are going to hear your baby’s heartbeat—a sound that makes you happy and joyful.

Digestive system

The baby’s intestines have completely grown and they have started to change their positions, moving from near the umbilical cord into the correct place in the abdomen.

 Baby’s Reflexes

Your baby’s reflexes are growing at an appreciable speed. My eyelids are starting to open and close. The baby starts sucking with his mouth.

After that, your finger will open and close. The toes will curl. Most of these reflexes will turn into voluntary movements. You may notice a few of them after birth.

12 Weeks Pregnant Mother

Physical changes

Feeling healthier:

When compared to earlier weeks of pregnancy, many women begin to feel healthier and stronger around this week.

Many of the symptoms, like signs of tiredness and morning sickness, are beginning to drop. But few of the women continue to feel nauseous or vomiting until 20 weeks.


Many women may experience more glowing skin than earlier. Eyes, skin, and hair are found to be shinier. Your hair growth might be stronger due to increased levels of oestrogen in your body.

Emotional changes:

Various women feel more balanced with their feelings in this week of pregnancy. They experience more calmness and become more accepting of everything around them.

This can be due to physical, hormonal, or emotional balance within your body. From this week, the chances of miscarriage have decreased. Even though a miscarriage is still possible.

Other concerns:  

Healthy eating habits: You’ve regained your appetite.Make sure that you eat healthy food and get good nutrition, which leads to healthy living for you and your baby.

You can follow a vegan diet, but you need to be careful that you are eating all the necessary vitamins and minerals you require.

Folic acid and Iron:

After this week, you have no more requirements for folic acid supplements. And there is no need for iron intake any more at this stage of pregnancy. This is explained in more detail here >>

Symptoms and Signs of Pregnant Mother


This week, headaches can occur more often due to your hormonal imbalance. Other factors that can contribute to headaches include dehydration and a drop in blood sugar levels.

It is avoidable by drinking plenty of water and eating plenty of food on a regular basis.

Dark spots:

There may be some areas on your face that can turn dark, also known as “mask of pregnancy”, melasma, or chloasma. This may happen because of an increase in the amount of melanin, which produces pigment in the body.

Your skin is more sensitive to sunlight now, so decrease your time in the sun and cover your face and body in the daytime.


These hormones also calm your blood vessels, which means better blood flow to your baby, but it may mean less to your brain. Your blood pressure may be lower than normal. Keep eating some food to avoid this situation of lowering blood sugar, which causes dizziness or light headaches.

Morning sickness:

During this week, you may feel sick, but you are still in early pregnancy. As a result, morning sickness may persist this week as well, until you are comfortably into your second trimester.

Your Life at this week

Here are some basic tips which can help you get through this struggling time.

Become your friend:

Be calm and gentle with yourself. The end of the first trimester is the main task for this week. You can share your feelings with your more trusted friend and listen to soft songs by taking a break from your routine.

Mood booster:

You can uplift your mood with different activities, as you may feel more pessimistic about your life. Avoid drinking alcohol, heavy lifting, and other problem-causing activities. You can do several exercises and outings with your partner and friends.


This above content covers all the aspects of your pregnancy when you are in 12th week. You can know everything about the growth and development of your baby. 

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