31 Weeks Pregnant

You are now 31 weeks pregnant, you can experience more pains and discomforts as your baby is growing rapidly. Your centre of mass is changing its positions.



Your baby is now having length of 16.18inches and his weighs around 3.3 pounds during this week. He is now long as the size bunch of leeks. He will now gain weight as much as half a pound a week until he is born.


·       Weight:

At this point, you baby start gaining more weight than height as he is restricted due to limited space or too big to stretch out. Your baby settle into fetal position and he will continue with that position until birth.

·       Reproductive system:

During this period, there is boasting of some reproductive developments in baby’s body. If there is boy then his testicles are moving through groin on their way to scrotum. Or in case there is girl then her clitoris starts forming within her body.

·       Head rotating:

Your baby is now capable of moving his head around from side to side. By doing this he is strengthening their neck muscles.

·       Super senses:

Your baby is developing hurriedly and quickly. This growth includes neural connections that will make sure that all five senses are on their positions. He is now capable to see, feel, touch, taste and hear.

·       Eyesight:

Baby’s eyesight is still developing, although it is not very intense, yet after he is born. He will continue with his eyes closed for most part of the day. Whenever he will open be his eyes, he will be able to see the objects few centimeters from his face.  

·       Immune system:

During this period, your baby’s immune system has developed even more from the last week. This is preparing him to face the challenges of the outer world. But child’s immune system will still need to be boosted by your breast milk you provide in the initial days of his birth.


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