Pregnancy of 32 Weeks Pregnant

Thirty Two Weeks Pregnant

At this week of pregnancy, you might be experiencing the urge to nest, and baby is practicing breathing.

32 weeks pregnant is how many months?

If you are 32 weeks pregnant, you are 8th month pregnant. Hurrah! 1 month left to go. If you still have queries related to baby’s growth and symptoms related to pregnancy. Here some information you can go through this.



Your baby is the now about the size of Napa cabbage. He may get your food for taste as the taste buds developing while swallow amniotic fluid. Baby is now 16.7 inches and weighs around 3.75pounds. 


o   Swallowing and Sucking:

Your baby starts practicing sucking and swallowing in this week to ready their digestive system for eating milk.

o   Breathing:

Baby starts breathing at this week by inhaling the amniotic fluid.

o   Strong kicks:

Feeling some kicks from inside knocking down the door? You can count the kicks and can keep record how many minutes it takes your baby to get the 10 movements. You can consult the doctor if it is taking more than 2 hours.

o   Breech or head-down position:

Now here baby is set to position himself for birth. Most baby change position as head-down, facing the back during this week. It is called cephalic position and yes, it is ideal position for giving birth to the child.

If baby is still head up, do not worry there are few weeks for him to flip into place.

o   Fat absorbing:

Baby’s skin getting soft and smooth as she is acquiring the fat needed in the body. Rapidly losing the wrinkled and alien look and skeleton is hardening.

All babies increase accordingly their body and surrounding. As all are different and varying the situations in the womb.

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