Pregnancy Week 39

Thirty Nine Weeks Pregnant

Congratulations! At this week, you are finally got what actually considered as full term baby. This is time to find out how your baby is developing in this last week of the pregnancy.



Your baby weighs as much as pumpkin at this week. His length is 19.96inches and has weight about 7.25lbs.

At this point of time, he has almost shed most of his white creamy substance called vernix and fine hair known as lanugo (which covered most of his skin from the middle of the second trimester).


Now your baby can be introduced in this world any time in these weeks. Let’s find some growths at this week of baby.

Your baby is considered as full term for the delivery. Even this time, he is still depositing the fat for the body and brain keep growing to get him ready for the world. Placenta is continuing supplying him nutrients and antibodies that will protect him from diseases.

o   Baby movements:

In this week, baby is not kicking and moving around as has little space in your womb. Your baby’s movements should be as same as usual. If baby facing difficulty to move then you can try drinking some cold water to wake him up.

If above thing does not work, you can consult the doctor.

o   Skin cell turnover:

Your baby making new skin cells to restore the older ones. These new cells will help baby to regulate the temperature of his body after birth.