Pregnancy of 40 Weeks Pregnant

Baby of  40 weeks pregnant is preparing fully for life outside the womb. Your body is ready for birth. If you passed the due date, you can schedule for ultrasound to check baby doing well. 

At this point of time, baby is ready to meet you! This is officially ending of the pregnancy. Your body provides baby antibodies for 6 months after his birth.

Baby 40 Weeks Pregnant


You are expecting to give birth at this week. But need not to worry if he decides to stay more in your womb. Many babies are late in their entrance.

Baby is almost of the length of 20.16inches and weighs about 7.6 pounds. This may be the size of watermelon.


When your baby will arrive he will be upgraded with the factors such as activity and musical tone, heart rate, responses, appearance and respiration.

Following some growths described briefly:

Slower growth:

From now baby is growing slowly within your womb. It is expecting time for delivery for baby. He has less space as of now compared to other weeks.

Hard bones:

Bones have hardened except for the skull (as it remained soft). This helps the baby so the head can squish together to make its way down the birth canal. That’s why some babies have cone shaped heads in early days of their birth. 

Nail growth:

Your baby’s growth has slows down as of now. But fingernails and toenails are growing in length still during this time. Probably you want to clip those tiny heels after birth.

40 weeks pregnant in months?

You are completed your 9 months of pregnancy journey. This means you are are 9 months pregnant in this 40 weeks. 

40 Weeks Pregnant no signs of labor, What to do in this case?

As per the analysis, only 5% of women give birth to their child on due date given by doctor. Many times happens you are in 40 weeks but no labor signs are there.  

Here you need not to worry about it, until you are doing well in your journey. Just take proper diet and perform yoga asanas under the expert. Accept the things as coming to your way. 

There is no risk at all with your pregnancy but only the size of baby will be more as compared to the early weeks. 

In many case of late labor pain, there is induced labor using hormones or artificial methods. 

40 Weeks Pregnant: Symptoms not to Ignore

Braxton Hicks contractions:

As you moving near to your delivery time, your body is preparing for the labor pain. You may feel the contractions at any time. 

It usually occurs in the body when you empty your bladder or drink some water. These kind of contractions known as Braxton Hicks contractions.

In case you do not understand whether it is true labor pain or just a contraction, just contact your health care provider. 


This is the condition of the cervix when it becomes thinner and smaller in preparing to let the baby leave the uterus. 

It itself starts to open may you not observed or feel it. This process continued from day one of your journey till the labor time. It is the most important aspect of the labor contractions.  

Pelvic Pain:

The Baby is shifting more towards the cervix area and pushing against it. This makes you feel pressure in your pelvic area.  


In the past weeks of your pregnancy, you are suffering from the tough bowel movements. But this time, you may have loose bowel movements. This may be clear indication of genuine labor contractions OR right time to come out the baby and meet the new family. 

Feeling trouble in Sleeping:

You may encounter the sleeping issues while going through this week. Take it easy, Do some calm activity such listening to music, reading book or Writing a journal. 

Mucus plug: 

During whole of the pregnancy journey, this plug prevents bacteria from entering your uterus. When you step into the labor period, body itself lose this plug. 

It is more like the pinkish or clear discharge from your body. 

Water breaking: 

This is the process in which the amniotic sac surrounding the baby bursts. It releases the amniotic fluids. 

It can be taken as one of the major signs of labor at 40 weeks. 



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