Pregnancy Week 40

Forty Weeks Pregnant

At this point of time, baby is ready to meet you! This is officially ending of the pregnancy. Your body provides baby antibodies for 6 months after his birth.

Your Baby


You are expecting to give birth at this week. But need not to worry if he decides to stay more in your womb. Many babies are late in their entrance.

Baby is almost of the length of 20.16inches and weighs about 7.6 pounds. This may be the size of watermelon.


When your baby will arrive he will be upgraded with the factors such as activity and musical tone, heart rate, responses, appearance and respiration.

Following some growths described briefly:

o   Slower growth:

From now baby is growing slowly within your womb. It is expecting time for delivery for baby. He has less space as of now compared to other weeks.

o   Hard bones:

Bones have hardened except for the skull (as it remained soft). This helps the baby so the head can squish together to make its way down the birth canal. That’s why some babies have cone shaped heads in early days of their birth. ultraiso registration code

o   Nail growth:

Your baby’s growth has slows down as of now. But fingernails and toenails are growing in length still during this time. Probably you want to clip those tiny heels after birth.

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