25 Weeks Pregnant

Hey! 25 weeks pregnant. You are in the last week of second trimester of your pregnancy.  Some sleepless nights are going to happen and other major changes will appear in this week. You can see more information about your body, baby and symptoms.


How big is baby at this week?

Your baby is 13.6 inches in length and has weight around 1.5 pounds this week. This is going to be the size of TI-89 calculator.


Pink skin:

From now, the skin of the baby is getting pinker as the capillaries are forming under the skin and blood is get into it.

Blood vessels will also developing this week in your baby’s lungs and making him closer to that first intake of fresh air he is going to take after birth.

Sense of smell:

This week also is the beginning of your baby’s nose working and nostrils in proper manner. Through this, baby is going to start practicing breathing and breathe in amniotic fluid.

He will be able to smell the things by this week, but many of them may experience it in the third semester.

Sweating glands:

By this week, it may be possible that creases in the palms of the baby’s hand start appearing. With this, sweating glands will form in his skin very soon.

Unique fingerprints:

Now she is also getting his unique fingerprints during this week. Your baby is also improving the agility in his hands and fingers. This means that soon he will be able to grasp the thing in his fist.

He may also suck his thumb and play with his hands and feet. And he will make him good at this by practicing it, until he is out of your womb.

Baby fat:

During this week, your baby is getting chubbier and cuter by simply depositing fat in his body. This will help him in keeping warm after he born.

Mother’ Body

This week you may experience some difficulty in taking proper sleep, as bump is growing gradually. And this bump growing also may affect other factors too. For more information, here we mentioned some symptoms you might be face during this week.

Symptoms for 25 weeks pregnant

Trouble in sleeping:

Insomnia normally affects over 75% of women in pregnancy at some stage. Not able to sleep? You can have ease these effects by taking bath before bed, regular exercise and best pillow for better and comfortable sleep at your side.


Heartburn may be major issue in the pregnancy, as baby is covering the area in your digestive system.

This may be with you for the long time, if not controlled at right time. You can avoid taking the foods causing this problem; it may be spicy or fried food.

And be aware of it and must consult with your health care provider, before taking any antacids.

Frequent feeling of pee:

As baby is growing gradually with the time, it is putting pressure on the bladder. It may cause or increase frequent trips to bathroom.


Hemorrhoids are the common in the second half of the pregnancy as baby is putting lot of pressure on your digestive tract.

When the constipation is under control can help you prevent straining during your bathroom trips. And hopefully it may prevent further swelling and discomfort.

Gas and bloating:

During your pregnancy, many different changes you observed. Due to releasing of different hormones, digestion system slows down, and makes your stomach creating excess gas.

Carpal tunnel:

If you feeling that often your hands feel frozen or without any sensation, or having any problem with your grip, then possibly it may be pregnancy induced carpal tunnel syndrome.

It normally takes place when an important nerve in the wrist gets pressed by pregnancy swelling.

Try some hand and wrist exercise daily. Stretching may relief and strength your wrist muscles. But not to worry, it fades out normally after birth. In case, if you do breastfeeding, it can stick around for some times.

Your life at 25 weeks pregnant

You have experienced many different signs and symptoms during these past days. There is lot to prepare for your coming days. There are some useful suggestions you can have below.


You can start your preparation according to your baby. You can attend a class to understand the process of labor and delivery, it is educational.

Your tutor will provide the clear way on what should you expect and prepare, what options you have and how to operate in unpredictable situations.

For these kind of class, can contact with your hospital or birth centers.

Weight gain:

If you observing that all weight gain are taking place, ask your doctor or nurse practitioner. If there is something to be concerned about, they will alert you.


If you are planning to breastfeed, then you should choose right breast pump. You can invest some time on researching and selecting the best pumps according to your need.
There will different situations for the woman who work outside or at home.


You can have healthy snacks at your breakfast or lunch. In taking potassium may help you in relieving leg cramps. You can ripe two bananas; blender and can take after that.


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