26 Weeks Pregnant

You just step into the third trimester at this week. You are now 26 weeks pregnant. Your baby’s hearing capability may improve, blood pressure may be increased. You can find out more about your pregnancy and what to expect at this week.

26 weeks pregnant is how many months?

You are 7th month pregnant if you are in 26 weeks of your pregnancy. Only few months are to go. But many of the women have some queries about their baby’s growth, belly shape and other symptoms.


How big is my baby at 26 weeks?

Your baby is growing in tremendous way during this week. Your baby is as long as zucchini. He will have weight around 1.68lb and gain height 14.02 inches.

Baby has more hair on his head. Eyebrows and eyelashes are more recognizable.


There will be many developments at this week within baby. Following are some improvements:


Your baby’s ears will be more developed at this week. His ears will be more sensitive than ever before. Now he will have ability to hear your and your partner’s voice when you talk to each other.

Heart rate:

Baby’s heart rate will slowed down this week significantly from 180 beats per minute to 140 to 150 beats per minute. This can be examined through cardiotocography or CTG machine during antenatal care. It is helpful method of checking your baby’s health safety.


Now baby may develop some sleeping and waking patterns. So do not be surprised if baby is active while you are still and sleeping at the time you move.

Immune system:

The immune system has start building up in your baby’s body, which help your baby to fight against infections and diseases after birth. 


This week eyes are forming and after few weeks they will begin to open. But color may be appearing later after few months or after birth. Eyelashes are also start growing and preparing the eyes for opening.

Symptoms of 26 Weeks Pregnant Mother 

This week you may have various different symptoms during your pregnancy. Here we listed some of them for your knowledge.


This is very common during this week, which is variation of varicose veins most sensitive area on your body. They changes from uncomfortable to extremely painful and can have bleeding from it if touched.

Try to eat food high in fiber, stay hydrated and exercise regularly. Keep your kegels (pelvic floor exercise) regular.

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If you are already suffering from hemorrhoids, you can take sitz bath, which can relieve your body parts.

Higher blood pressure:

High blood pressure at this time is normal for pregnant women. If sometime it comes high it is not a big problem.

But make sure, a systolic reading of more than 140 mm Hg or diastolic reading of more than 90 mm Hg can be sign of preeclampsia. This kind of pregnancy complications should be removed right now.

Back pain:

Back pain is normal to woman in pregnancy. 50-70% pregnant women get back pain, due to their posture and change in center of gravity. And it can be increased when you worry or stressed.

Proper rest, therapy or exercise and support belt may assist. Wear comfortable shoes; sleep on your side with pregnancy pillow. Some mothers can visit for massage therapists or to chiropractor. But sure to find someone experienced in parental care.


Headaches are very common during pregnancy. There are many things which contribute to this; hormones, postures, dehydration, fatigue, stress and vision changes. But you can also get headaches If you are hungry.

Sleeping issues:

The closer you are to your due date, the tougher it will be for sleeping. Try to stay hydrated, do regular exercise, check your caffeine intake. This all factors will help you in settle down at night.

Brain functions:

Is it getting difficult to remember the things? This may be physiological symptom of hormone fluctuation.


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