27 Weeks Pregnant

At this week you are 27 weeks pregnant. Your baby is start developing his immune system with the natural antibodies which is getting to them through your placenta.

Baby is getting skilled in swallow as well as in sucking which will help in drinking the milk after his birth.

27 weeks pregnant in months?

You are closer to the end of the compete you 7 months of your pregnancy. You are now in your 6 months pregnant. 


How large is your baby at this week?

Your baby is 14.4 inches in length and his weight nearly 1.9 pounds at this week. This can be the size of the Barbie doll.


Recognizes voices:

Your baby starts recognizing both your and your partner’s voice in this week. This hearing capability is improving as the nerves connected to the ears are maturing. But the sounds he will hear will be stifled which is due to coating of vernix.

So it the best time to listen or sing some soft songs to your baby.

Taste buds:

Your baby taste buds are beginning developing now. In case if you eat something whether it is sweet or spicy, your baby is now capable of taste the difference in the amniotic fluid or other food. 

Baby may respond to that spicy meal by kicking or hiccupping.


The opening and closing of the baby’s eyes are start come into practice. The iris which is the colored part of the eye is now start developing its pigment by this week.

Most of the babies born with the blue eyes as they are still forming melanin for the iris. Many times color of the eyes transform from blue to green, hazel or brown during the childhood. The more melanin your iris will have the darker your eye color.


Hiccupping will also start in this period. While doing this baby will not make any sound and you might feel them like sudden jumps or flinches in your abdomen

Brain development:

Your little baby is now has a lively brain. The brain tissue is still developing but the brainstem is nearly mature completely at this week. This controls the heart rate, blood pressure and breathing.

Mother of 27 weeks pregnant

You may have feeling of those fake contractions more often now. If they are occurring more than usual, then try drinking water and getting some extra rest.


Braxton Hicks contractions:

Feeling some kind of contractions? Braxton hicks are completely normal. If you are having more than 4 contractions in an hour, you can consult with your doctor.

Higher blood pressure:

High blood pressure is one of the most appearing symptoms during this week. You should keep regular check up so that any other issue can’t develop in your body. You must keep an eye on the developing of preeclampsia.

Mood swings:

This time you can have frequent mood swings. Pregnancy can make many women more aggressive than before. If you decide to breast feeding, these kinds of violent behavior can be increased after birth, due to lactation aggression.

Abdominal pain:

Abdominal pain is very common to these days of pregnancy. This also includes gas and constipation. But, if you are having harsh pain or other symptoms like bleeding, it may be some serious issue. And many other sensations like menstrual cramps and pelvic pressure should be checked out.

Twitchy legs:

Can’t keep your legs still while sleeping? Half of the women experienced cramps in the feet and thighs during last months of pregnancy.

These cramps mostly occur during night and jolting, making you tired and insomnia.
A warm bath or shower can help you in get out of this condition and stretching can relax your muscles for short terms.

Regular exercise may help you a lot to get rid of this pain and sleep better at night.

Your Life at this Week

You need to take care of yourself as much as you can this week. Just be kind towards your body and baby.

Breast feeding:

When it’s comes to breastfeeding, you may be thinking boobs+ hungry baby= successful breastfeeding, right? But breastfeeding can be more complicated than it does appear.

It totally depends on baby’s ability to take, milk supply and other factors.
You can take education on this topic and can take classes before breastfeeding.


Always take time for the bathroom break, even if you don’t feel any need to go. With the passage of time your uterus is growing and bladder is shrinking. Try to go as many as trip to bathroom necessary to prevent emergencies.

Create Baby list:

You can start making baby list and can many items from any store. You can have many baby things.

Tips for 27 Weeks

Stay hydrated:

Try to stay hydrated during the whole day, but decreases it as you get closer to bedtime. It will be suitable for your bed routine and prevents you to go to washroom.


It is real time to be safe and make sure all safety for the baby. It is time to meet new safety requirements and keep your moves wisely. Get your vaccination properly and medicines at time.


Your sleep may be disturbed by your 27 week fetus and frequent trips to the bathroom. So try to get as much as sleep you can. It is going to harder and harder for you to shut down the eye you actually need while baby growing.


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