Pregnancy 28 Weeks Pregnant

Twenty Eight Weeks Pregnant

You are now more close to the period of becoming a mother of a cute or loveable baby. You can now start making bond with your baby by talking and singing soft songs. You will have some tests to monitor your health at this stage of your pregnancy.

How many months if you are 28 weeks pregnant?

If you are 28 weeks pregnant then you are in 7 month of your pregnancy. Only 2 months are left to go. But many women may have some queries regarding their baby, symptoms, and abdomen. So here we have much information about all of these.


How big my baby is!

Your baby is 14.8 inches in length and 2.2 pounds in weight at this week. Your baby is the about the size of the kabocha squash. Your baby is growing quickly and rapidly in this week.



Your baby’s eyes are now more developed than ever. He not only can blink his eyes but also can get pleasure of the fluttering the lashes that have just grown. He is capable of seeing light moving in your womb.

Brain control:

Your baby start dreaming in this week as it is the time when the nerves of the brain are developing at very good speed. 

Ears ability:

Your baby’s ears are making good connections in his body. He starts understanding some of the sounds around him.

Head down position:

Baby start taking more and more space and he will soon begin settle his head with the down position for labor. Most of the babies are wholly head down between 32 and 36 weeks of your pregnancy.

But many of them take some time to get that position in your womb. In case if the baby cannot able to take that position this may lead to the C- section in your delivery time.

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